Annual Report of the TYPO3 Documentation Team, 2022

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The TYPO3 documentation tools are constantly improved by the TYPO3 Documentation Team to support you, the reader, in getting comprehensive information and quickly finding answers to your questions, and to help you, the author, in creating documentation and to increase the visibility and popularity of your extension in the TYPO3 world.

The Documentation Team supports two types of users: readers and authors. We design content solutions to help readers easily access information about TYPO3; and we create the tools and workflows to support developers to write effective documentation for their extension.

In this report we will present this year’s improvements to the tools and the official TYPO3 documentation.

Code / Documentation Sprints

In 2022 we were finally able to have coding sprints again. The Documentation Team was present (represented by at least one member) at the TYPO3 Developer Days, each of the four Community Sprints in Düsseldorf, as well as at several TYPO3 Camps.

Lina Wolf became new Co-Teamleader

In April 2022 Lina Wolf became the new Co-Teamleader. You can read more about her in This Is Lina Wolf, the New Documentation Team Co-Lead.

Documenting TYPO3 Version 12

We worked - and still work - on bringing the Documentation up to date for all changes for TYPO3 v12. To facilitate cooperation, we introduced a new issue management workflow so that issues get automatically created for each TYPO3 Core change that affects the changelog—and is therefore worth being documented.

Read more about our efforts in the article, Documenting TYPO3 Version 12.

Integrate Extbase Documentation into TYPO3 Explained

We discontinued the separate Extbase-Fluid Guide and integrated information on extension development with Extbase closely into our main manual, TYPO3 Explained. In doing so, we noted much documentation for non-extbase extension development missing and worked on creating the missing documentation.

Support the Education Committee

We supported the Education Committee on updating the Editors Certification for v11 by providing them with information available in the official documentation. We included information that is required for Certification but to date, had not been present in the official docs.

Refactoring the Core References

We worked on refactoring the references. The Fluid ViewHelper references automatic generation was improved. We overhauled parts of the TypoScript and TSconfig references.

Outlook for 2023

We farewelled several Team Members in 2022 who decided to dedicate their work to other fields of TYPO3. In 2023, a key task will be welcoming new contributors and supporting them in becoming active.

We are working on having the official Documentation ready for the release of TYPO3 v12 LTS, which is scheduled for April 2023.

We are working on switching the Documentation rendering from the Python-based Sphinx tool to the PHP-based doctrine/rst-parser.

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