Documentation Restructuring—September Update

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A lot has happened since July. There’s easier onboarding for new users and Composer as standard, as well as a new upgrade guide and updates to the main documentation navigation.

In our last update we announced that the first stage of the documentation restructure was complete. This work included an overhaul of the documentation homepage and a revised main navigation menu. 

Today we are pleased to introduce a new Getting Started Guide accompanied by a new Upgrade Guide on

View the New Getting Started Guide  View the New Upgrade Guide

Breaking Down Barriers for New Users

Based on the feedback we received from the community, our main objective with the new Getting Started Guide was to provide as much beginner-friendly content as possible. We have structured the documentation in a way that makes it easy to find key information with terminology that is easy to understand for users unfamiliar with TYPO3. 

Composer as Standard

We no longer make the distinction between Composer and classic when discussing how to install TYPO3 and manage extensions. Composer is now the default, all of the content for installing TYPO3 and managing extensions the classic way is still available but is now flagged as legacy. The documentation has also been updated to reflect the changes that were introduced in 11.4. This includes the usage of the extension:setup command. 

Time to Upgrade

The new Upgrade Guide is a collection of resources that relate to upgrading TYPO3 and migrating content between installations. Prior to the restructure, the content for this guide was located in different places. By creating this guide, we hope to have a single point of reference for all information that relates to upgrading TYPO3 and migrating content. 

We also took the time to review and make the content in this guide ready for the release of version 11. Like the new Getting Started guide, Composer is now treated as the default method for upgrading TYPO3. Documentation on how to upgrade TYPO3 the classic way is still available. 

Updates to the Main Navigation

The main navigation for the TYPO3 documentation has also been updated to reflect all of these new changes. 

If you notice any issues with the new content, please drop us a message.

View the New Getting Started Guide  View the New Upgrade Guide

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