Change of Budget Process and Responsibility in the TYPO3 Association

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In the meeting of 16 June 2021, the board of the TYPO3 Association decided to change the way the annual budget is created, managed, and controlled.

Business Control Committee Is Now in Charge of Budgets

For almost a decade, the Expert Advisory Board (EAB) was in charge of the budget process. This process has evolved over the years. While the budget was literally created the evening before the General Assembly in 2009, the process became more diligent and sophisticated over the years.

The application for budgets became a formal process and so too became the member voting for budget applications. While the final budget decision still was at the discretion of the EAB, the budgets were almost always granted in agreement with the majority vote. 

Since the 2018 decision to merge the EAB and TYPO3 Association Board, the Board has been in charge of the budget process. 

The conversations between the Board and the Business Control Committee (BCC) during the past months has made it clear that, to follow our bylaws, the BCC should be in charge of the budget’s application process, management, and controlling. 

This is why the Board has decided to put the BCC in charge of budgets. The BCC will create a refined process for budget applications for 2022. 

Budget Adjustments for the 2021 TYPO3 Association Budget

During the first months of 2021 it became evident that the overall budget granted for 2021 was too high. While this was not threatening the finances of the TYPO3 Association, the Board wanted to reduce the risk of a high deficit in 2021. 

This is why I, in my role as the Association’s treasurer, have renegotiated individual budgets with budget owners, resulting in a €400,000 reduction in expenses. In combination with the fact that budgets are usually not fully used, we can now expect a healthy financial outcome for 2021. 

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