Bug hunting conjunction on May 28, 2010

Categories: Community Created by François Suter
In the Year of our Lord 2010, on the 28th of the month of May, a powerful conjunction of stars and planets will favor bug hunting!
My dear far away descendants, I write these words as I lay on my death bed. I am happy to enter the final rest, after a long life of gremlin chasing and bug hunting. I have just performed a last divination. If I read the entrails right, May 28th 2010 will be an optimal day for resolving bugs, as the release of TYPO3 4.4 will be quite close (the splanch (yes, it was a Martian chicken) being intertwined with the lower intestine, I would even go so far as making the assumption that beta3 will be out by then). I must thus ask you - my loyal descendants - to unite on that day and do your best to exorcise bugs from TYPO3 4.4, lest a dark veil spread on the world again. It is not necessary to physically gather, but you will probably appreciate doing so, should you find a friendly round table in your neighborhood. If you are a generous king and want to open your castle doors to bold adventurers, please register your location in the GWIP (the Great Wiki Interactive Parchment, magic link attached). Some are already registered, so make haste! If you can't join a congregation, point your magical mirror to <link irc: irc.freenode.net day irc>irc://irc.freenode.net/#typo3-bugday and join us in the Inter-World. Be brave! PS: no, I'm not dying, but I'm definitely feverish (about 38°C in the shade ;-) )

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