April 30, 2010 Bug Day Report

Categories: Community Created by François Suter
The latest Bug Day was a very busy time. A lot of people participated and several companies and schools responded to the call for offering meeting places.
The original topic for the April 2010 Bug Day was "old bugs", but it drifted a bit under the pressure of the impending release of TYPO3 4.4 beta2. It seems that no one really minded since all participants heartedly tested and improved patches for some features such as the new skinning API or the CSS concatenator and compressor, whose development was kickstarted during T3UXW09. The icing on the cake was the new debug console. A number of companies and schools responded to the call for offering a meeting place for bug hunters and five meeting locations were available for this Bug Day:
  • <link http: www.dkd.de>d.k.d, in Frankfurt, Germany
  • <link http: www.networkteam.com>networkteam Hamburg in Hamburg, Germany
  • <link http: www.oliverklee.de>Oliver Klee's office, in Bonn, Germany, which also provided tea and coffee
  • <link http: www.wmdb.de>wmdb, in Düsseldorf, Germany
  • <link http: www.eesp.ch>Ecole d'Etudes Sociales et Pédagogiques, in Lausanne, Switzerland
I would like to thank all these entities for their support. I hope this trend will continue. Either at these locations or in their respective offices or homes, about 30 developers took part in the Bug Day, of which 10 Core Team members. Here's an alphabetical listing taken from the wiki:
  • Leo Bossmann
  • Laurent Cherpit
  • Stefan Galinski
  • Philipp Gampe
  • Steffen Gebert
  • Andreas Grunwald
  • Joey Hasenau
  • Raphaël Heckel
  • Gregor Hermens
  • Christopher Hlubek (Core)
  • Daniel Huf
  • Steffen Kamper (Core)
  • Oliver Klee
  • Christian Kuhn (Core)
  • Peter Kühn
  • Tobias Liebig (Core)
  • Benjamin Mack (Core)
  • Susanne Moog (Core)
  • Felix Oertel
  • Xavier Perseguers (Core)
  • Christophe Plattet
  • Ingo Renner (Core)
  • Steffen Ritter
  • Jeff Segars (Core)
  • François Suter (Core)
  • Jean-Luc Thirot
  • Fabien Udriot
  • Jigal van Hemer
Congratulations to all, especially those for whom it were the first time (and there were quite a few). By my estimates about 200 messages were exchanged in the core mailing list on that day, 33 bugs were closed and 11 opened for a net reduction of 22 bugs. A lot of action and a lot of results, thanks to all those who made this day a success. Don't forget to already write down the next date in your agenda: May 28, 2010. At that time, TYPO3 4.4 will be in the final development phase and the topic will be to iron out the last bugs and make 4.4 all shiny. See you then!

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