Annual Report of the TYPO3 UX Team — 2023

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The UX Team helps to improve and maintain the TYPO3 User Experience. The main goal of this team is to work on UX improvements for TYPO3 existing features and also to collaborate on building any new feature during the concept process if help is wanted.

Let's take a look at what the UX team has been working on and completed in 2023.

TYPO3 UX Team Work for 2023

UX is not only about working on concepts, it's also good to have a plan and documentation about the product design! Riccardo De Contardi, who joined the UX team in 2023, did great research into different design systems’ guidelines. The foundation for the TYPO3 UX design system is quite ready, and we are now documenting specific chapters to help the Core Team follow good practices. We will first socialize these guidelines with the Core Team members and get their feedback. The goal is to produce and publish helpful and easy-to-understand guidelines about TYPO3 UX/UI good practices that everyone can follow.

You may have read or heard this about UX: “Pay attention to what users do, not what they say!” This is good advice. If we really want to find the best UX solutions for our users, we should only watch what they actually do, not believe what they say they do, and definitely not believe what they predict they may do in the future. So, user testing is one of our main topics. In 2023, we tested several tools and Anastasia Schmidt helped us to set up our first demo scenario with User Brain. The result was a success and we are ready to use this tool and implement any useful scenarios for the Core Team needs.

Last year, we also worked on various concepts to improve the current backend interface, and the UX Core Mergers have been working on UX and UI improvement patches. In June 2023, three new UX Component Mergers joined Annett Jähnichen: Benjamin Kott, Jasmina Ließmann and Andreas Nedbal. Each of them works on special topics and they have regular meetings. Annett Jähnichen is building the bridge between them and the rest of the UX Team.

Update on TYPO3’s UX Maturity

During the 2022 Developer Days talk, Rachel Foucard and Annett Jähnichen presented an overview of the TYPO3 UX maturity. This is a long path, and each year, the UX team would like to give you a progress report. 

In 2022, TYPO3’s UX maturity was moving from the 3rd level (Emergent) to the fourth level (Structured). In 2023, we can say that TYPO3’s UX maturity is almost fully Structured and for some topics, it is moving to the 5th level (Integrated). This advancement is because the TYPO3 Association worked on implementing a wider innovation process to guide the product strategy. The UX team definitely got benefits from that.

The Jobs to Be Done Theory

The Jobs-to-be-Done framework is a product development theory (pioneered by Tony Ulwick) that emphasizes understanding the fundamental jobs or tasks that customers are trying to accomplish rather than focusing solely on product features or customer demographics.

This technique is being implemented in 2023 by the Product Strategy group. It will be the compass of the new TYPO3 Innovation Process, and the UX team process will be fully integrated with this method. It will be the guidance for the UX and UI improvements we will implement for the next version.

Next Year Will Be Awesome!

We can say that everything is in place now to achieve our goals! So let’s continue to create 

the best user experience our users and customers deserve!

New members are always welcome. Find out more on the TYPO3 UX Team page.

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