TYPO3 Project Video Team

Video for the TYPO3 Project


Stefan Busemann Stefan Busemann

Sebastian Michaelsen Sebastian Michaelsen


Ronald Fellmann


Danijela G Danijela G

Steven Bailey Steven Bailey

The Team description

The TYPO3 Media Team Video Team takes care of the production of different media:


  • Podcasts
  • Screencasts
  • video recordings of the TYPO3 conferences

The Mission

The video team records official talks at TYPO3 conferences worldwide. We deliver all videos as fast as possible to video platforms (like youtube). 

The Vision

We want to share knowledge and equipment for other TYPO3 related events and enable people to communicate.

We need your helping hands!

We are always looking for talented and experienced video experts (but also beginners). We have many different task:

  • editors
  • cameraman
  • audio
  • encoding
  • streaming
  • content editing

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Our equipment

  • 3 Firewire SD Cam
  • 3 VGA2USB devices
  • 3 remote controlled camera heads
  • 3 audio mixer
  • 3 vga splitter
  • 15m / 10m / 5m vga cables
  • USB cables (3x 10m)
  • firewire cables (3x 10m)
  • Canopus ADVC-55 + FW400 cable (6-6) [Requires powered FW connection!]
  • S-VIDEO F-F adaptor
  • S-VIDEO cable, 3m (in case cam#1 is not FW)
  • S-VIDEO cable, 20m




Further Resources

More Information have a look on the Forge TYPO3 video team page (for team organization and task) or http://wiki.typo3.org/Video_Team for documentation.