TYPO3 Awards 2023 Celebrate CMS Excellence After a Four-Year Hiatus

The best websites and intranets made with TYPO3 CMS were celebrated at the TYPO3 Awards Gala in Düsseldorf, Germany. Best of the 221 submissions and winner of the coveted Website of the Year title was womenforwomenfrance.org, created by Talan Solutions.

Düsseldorf, Germany – 16 October 2023 

The TYPO3 Award Gala on the night of 12 October 2023 was a highlight of the TYPO3 Conference 2023. The event showcased the capabilities of the TYPO3 content management platform and emphasized the passion and innovation shown by the open-source software community.

A panel of six esteemed jury members had meticulously reviewed a shortlist of 65 nominees across 13 categories. From all the category winners, the jury unanimously selected the winner of the NGO category, womenforwomenfrance.org, as the TYPO3 Website of the Year. 

“I would like to congratulate the agency behind the website, French agency Talan Solutions, and all those involved in the project,” says Olivier Dobberkau, president of the TYPO3 Association.

Daniel Fau, CEO of the TYPO3 GmbH adds: “This has been an emotional gala, striking the perfect balance between technology and social engagement. Faced with the challenging task of selecting winners from over 220 submissions, our award jury confidently chose the most deserving. The overwhelming spirit of the TYPO3 community transformed the event into a heartwarming occasion filled with tears, hugs, and renewed motivation to continue contributing.”

The 13 category winners are:

Two special prizes for performance and accessibility were also awarded. These categories highlight the technical and editorial excellence demonstrated by the teams behind each website.

TYPO3 Personality of the Year: A True Community Pioneer

Abdulhamid Kwieder received the prestigious Personality of the Year award in recognition of his monumental contribution to the TYPO3 community. In August 2023, Abdulhamid announced the end of his laborious journey: translating the entire TYPO3 Core — more than 70,000 words — into Arabic. With limited assistance in the early stages, he devoted three years to the task, showcasing deep passion and commitment to the project.

“Winning the Personality of the Year Award is unanticipated”, says Daniel Fau. “It's an honor given to those who exceed unspoken expectations, who prioritize 'we' over 'I', and who amplify the magnitude of our project.”

TYPO3 Awards Transition to NFTs

The TYPO3 Awards, traditionally in physical form, have now embraced the digital realm. Rather than a physical trophy or plaque,  the awards were minted as NFTs on the safecoin.org blockchain. This transformation aims to offer better metrics for measuring achievements and potentially creating an all-time leaderboard of winners, thereby heightening competition and promoting excellence.

Highlighting this shift, the NFT awards reference unique video files. The winners therefore received an animated display for their award walls. Danial Ghods animated the awards thanks to the organisation from Open Studio and made the dynamic presentations a reality. Jonathan Wright from the Safecoin Community configured the display afterwards and thereby brought Danial's vision to life. 

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TYPO3 GmbH is a service company established by the TYPO3 Association to provide support services and to take on the development of the TYPO3 CMS software. More about the TYPO3 Company can be found at typo3.com/typo3-gmbh.

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