TYPO3 Association General Assembly 2018

The General Assembly took place at  the 11th April 2018. 


  1. Opening of the General Assembly
  2. Minutes of the last general assembly
  3. Annual report of the associations' boards
  4. Annual financial statement and reports of the statutory auditors and the business control committee
  5. Grant discharge to the association's board, expert advisory board, treasurer, statutory auditors and committees
  6. Budget for the running year
  7. Determination of admission fees and annual dues for all types of members
  8. Elections of the
    1. Board (by the current EAB)
    2. Expert Advisory Board (EAB)
    3. members of the Business Control Committee (BCC)
  9. Petitions of the
    1. members
    2. expert advisory board and the association's board
  10. Program of activities
  11. Amendments to the bylaws
    1. Nomination of the honorary members
    2. Complaints against executive bodies, resolution on the appeal against anexpulsion or rejection of a provisional admission resolution of the association's board
    3. Various other topics 
    4. Closing of the General Assembly.

    The Board of the TYPO3 Association has three petitions for the General Assembly

    Petition 1: Change of the by-laws

    We want to introduce a smaller combined board in 2019. At the moment we have 6 Board and 6 EAB members. In future we do want to have 9 Board members in a combined body. This should lead into faster decisions. Also we want have the full Board to be elected by the members and we drop indirect elections. 
    Read our full draft. See only the changes

    Petition 2: Decrease the EAB temporary to four members

    For the current EAB election we have only two nominates. As we want to reduce the number of Board members, we ask our members to accept an EAB with only 4 members in 2018, which will lead to 10 Board members, instead of 12 (Board and EAB combined).

    Petition 3: Proceed a full Board election in 2019

    With the introduction of the new by-laws, we want to start with full election of the Board to the GA 2019. 5 positions should get a period of office of two years, 4 positions should get a period of office of one year. The idea behind is, that we want to have elections every year and if only the half of the Board is re-elected, it is easier to get more continuity. The nominees of the next election must state if the want to get elected for one or two years.