Reimbursement Pre-Approval Form

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Why This Form?

This form is the first step in the reimbursement process. Please acquaint yourself with the Travel Expense and Reimbursement Regulations before using it. 

The following is an excerpt explaining the most important points relating to pre-approval:

1. Ask the Budget Owner for pre-approval

Ask the Budget Owner for pre-approval of your expenses using the Pre-Approval Form. You do not have to do this if the Budget Owner​​​​​​​ has issued a general pre-approval for your type of expense, but unless you’re certain of that, submitting the form is the way to go.

A pre-approval means the Budget Owner​​​​​​​ sees nothing wrong with reimbursing your expenses based on the information you have given. Your reimbursement request will be accepted when the time comes, as long as it does not violate the Reimbursement Regulations​​​​​​​, e.g. by being contrary to the pre-approval, insufficiently documented, or submitted too late.