Voting Procedure of the TYPO3 Association

Version 1.1 11.10.2023
Author Stefan Busemann

Elections for Board / BCC

Recommended Timetable

  • - 84 days (-3 month): First announcement of the election
  • - 56 days (-2 month): Start of the online nomination
  • - 28 days (-1 month): End of nomination
  • - 28 days (-1 month): Set up a discussion platform
  • - 21 days (-3 weeks): Second announcement of the election
  • - 14 days (-2 weeks) at 0:00 (CET): latest start of the online voting
  • - 1 day at 23:59 (CET): End of the online voting
  • - 0 days:  General Assembly which approves the result of the online voting

In case of extraordinary elections, the timetable is shortened:

  • - 49 days (-7 weeks): Announcement of the election
  • - 42 days (-6 weeks): Start of the online nomination


The Voting Committee of the TYPO3 Association announces the election via the member mailing list and a news post on The announcement describes, for which positions people can apply. It also reminds all members to check their membership profiles and update their email addresses, because the voting tokens are sent to that address. The second announcement is a reminder for the members.

The first announcement is sent 84 days before the General Assembly (49 days in case of an extraordinary Assembly). The second announcement will be sent 21 days before the General Assembly.


Any individual can apply for positions in the TYPO3 Association. The nomination must be received via the nomination form ( within the period of the nomination phase.

The minimum data required are:

  • Firstname
  • Last Name
  • Gender
  • Email
  • Image
  • A comment for which election/position the application is
  • An explanation of 
    • The motivation & goals to achieve, should be added to each nomination
    • The relationship to the TYPO3 project

Each nomination can be done only for one election. In case of a nomination for more than one election (e.g. Board and BCC), the nomination form has to be submitted separately for each election.

The nomination phase starts 56 days (49 days in case of an extraordinary election) before the General Assembly and lasts for 28 days.

The nomination can be refused by the Board of TYPO3 Association, if the nominee can not prove a relationship to the TYPO3 project or if the nominee did harm to the project or the Association. Further nominations are not allowed if the result of an election could lead to a situation where two employees of the same company would be part of one body.

Discussion platform

The members can discuss with all nominees. A platform is provided by the TYPO3 Association. The discussion phase starts 28 days before the General Assembly and lasts for 14 days.

Eligible Voter

The Voting Committee of the TYPO3 Association sends an invitation for the online voting to each member. The due date for the start of the online voting is latest -14 days at 0:00 before the General Assembly and earliest -28 days before the General Assembly. To be an eligible voter the admission fee has to be paid by the member and the membership must be signed until two weeks before the beginning of the online voting.

Online Voting

Each voter has as many votes, as positions in the body are to vote.

E.g. three members of the Board have to be elected, so the voter has three votes for this voting. It is not possible to accumulate or to cross-vote.

Order of the elections

  1. Board
  2. members of the business control committee (BCC)

If a nominee has applied for more than one body and is elected in more than one body, he is elected for that body, which is elected first.


In case of a successful election, a personal membership (Community or Bronze) must be proven by the elected, to accept their vote.

Voting committee

The voting committee is responsible for the online voting process. It sets up the platform and checks the validity of the election.

The Board nominates a voting committee which consists of at least three members. Members of the voting committee must not be part of a running election.

The committee will write a protocol about the voting which consists of:

  • Documentation of the electorate
  • A timetable of any actions
  • A protocol of all mail errors

Voting tool data expiration

The data in the online voting tool is kept up to the start of the next nomination phase. With the start of the next nomination phase, all expired elections and pollings will be removed.

Board election

Tenure of the board of the TYPO3 Association is two years and ends at a regular General Assembly. The Board is elected by the members of the TYPO3 Association.

The President, the Vice-president, the Secretary, the Treasurer and the four Assessors are elected within the Board itself. The president must be at least one year member of the Board. If no majority can be found within the Board for the president, a new election by the members takes place. 


Budget Polling

The Budget Polling is not an official election. It is a tool of the Board, to ask the members for their preferences regarding the next budget. For the polling, the voting is used, but it has no official character.

Discontinuation and step back of positions

If a member of a body does not want to continue his job, he should inform the respective body 6 months before the ending of his mandate.

Stefan Busemann
Vice President of the TYPO3 Association,