October 29, 2010 Bug Day Report

October 31, 2010

Category: Community
Author: François Suter

Bug reports evolution on bugs.typo3.org

The last Bug Day was pretty quiet again, although some bugs were still fixed.

There were three meeting places for this Bug Day:

Many thanks to them for their support.

And here's the list of participants:

  • Sebastian Böttger
  • Andreas Grunwald
  • Ole Hartwig
  • Dennis Köhl
  • Peter Kühn
  • Mathias Schreiber
  • Marcus Schwemer

There were really quite a few more than that, but it seems that only a few made the effort to register in the wiki. Don't forget that it's the only way to get listed here!

About a dozen bugs were resolved on that day, for a total difference of +1 bug. Although this may seem a bit disappointing, it should not, as there really has been a lot of activity on the TYPO3 Core in average over the last couple of years. The picture above comes from the TYPO3 bug tracker. The blue line shows the total number of bug reports opened (remember that what we call a "bug report" is a general term, that also covers feature requests). The black line shows the number of bugs resolved (or features implemented) and the red line shows the bug reports that are still open. It's quite fantastic to see how the number of opened bug reports has increased since about early 2008 (in fact, the core list was opened to the wider community in late 2007), but how the number of still open bugs flattened out. The TYPO3 v4 development is more active than ever, no matter the waxing or waning of Bug Day attendance.

The next Bug Day will take place on November 26, 2010, write it down in your agendas right now!

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