First Education Committee Sprint ahead

July 02, 2014

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The TYPO3 Education Committee will have its first meetup on July 10th - 12th in Gemünd/Eifel near Cologne. The main topic is to come up with a long term strategy and work on detailed plans for 2014 and 2015.

What has been achieved so far ...

Patrick gives an overview over the topics of the certification exam

Earlier this year the Education Committee started its work (see related news). We have met only via hangouts so far and set up the first initiative successfully: The certification preparation workshop.

This workshop was staged at the Developer Days in Eindhoven just two weeks ago and has been a big success with 18 participants who have learned about how to best prepare for the certification. Due to the success we plan to offer it at future events as well. The next workshop will be just before the TYPO3Camp in Bremen (Friday afternoon August, 8th). Details will follow.

The first sprint … turning visions into plans and roadmaps

Morning mood in Gemünd/Eifel just like in the Education Committee

After this initial step it is now time to come up with more initiatives: We have already done a poll via twitter to find a name for an educational portal within typo3.org and decided “TYPO3 Campus” meets our vision (thanks @PechGehabt & @MichaelSchams for your inspiration).

A TYPO3 Campus in our vision is a portal helping newcomers to have an easy start with TYPO3 as well as helping TYPO3 professionals keep up to date with the latest developments. Ideas range from webcasts to tutorials, online learning with skill testing and gamification factor, 5 minutes of typoscript a day, lists of recommended trainers and other cool stuff.

We are aware that this vision means a lot of work to be transformed into reality. Also it is the will of the Education Committee to work together with TYPO3 training professionals and have a win-win situation much more than becoming a competitor. This is setting the scenario for the first sprint.

Sponsoring the sprint

We will meet in Gemünd, located right at the Eifel National Park for two days of concentrated work. The travel costs as well as the location is sponsored by the TYPO3 Association. If you would like to sponsor a dinner or one of our lunch times or coffee breaks and drinks, please contact Peter. Sponsors will be linked in the report from the sprint.

Joining the Education Committee

Go ahead and contact Peter if you want to contribute to these great ideas and if you are willing to work in the Education Committee on a regular and reliable basis. Our team is very motivated and we are working at a high pace.

For now let’s say we are all very curious about the outcome and we’ll certainly give you a report on it after the sprint!

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