About the typo3.org website project

We are proud, that this project is build with voluntary work of dedicated people. Its aim is, to provide the TYPO3 community and TYPO3 cms users the central information hub.

Our goals for typo3.org

  • TYPO3.org should provide its users easy and fast access to information we want to transport
  • TYPO3.org should be the central information hub for our community
  • Increase number of TYPO3 users, community members, contributors and Association members
  • TYPO3.org should represent TYPO3 in a modern and professional way
  • TYPO3.org should be likeable and friendly, as its community is

For whom did we built this site?

  • People who want to evaluate TYPO3
  • Starter (users, designer, integrator, developer)
  • Users of TYPO3 (editors, Designer, Integrators)
  • Community members
  • Agencies
  • Developers
  • Members of the TYPO3 Association
  • Contributors