The TYPO3 Documentation Team

Our main goal is comprehensive, relevant, up-to-date and easy to find documentation about TYPO3 products for all users.

The Documentation Team sets the stage for you - the community - to write great documentation. Though we do love to write and update documentation, the purpose of our team is to provide the TYPO3 community with the tools to improve documentation.  

This includes information about using the tools to write great documentation. We strongly encourage the community to get involved. If you want to start right now, skip to the Contribute section on this page!

Contact us

The best way to contact the Documentation Team is in the Slack #typo3-documentation channel.

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You can also send us an email as last resort (but communication via Slack is preferred).

Follow us on Twitter: T3DocTeam

Slack Calls

The Documentation Team uses regular Slack calls to talk about ongoing tasks. The meetings are announced in the Slack channel #typo3-documentation

Become Part of the Documentation Team!

The Documentation Team provides the infrastructure and support to help the TYPO3 community write great documentation.

  • Documentation is important to you?
  • You would like to work on improving the technical infrastructure?
  • You like to improve things?
  • You want to help us in any way?

 Good documentation is important. You can contribute!

Contact Us!

Martin Bless


Daniel Siepmann

Team member


If you do not wish to officially join the Documentation Team just yet, you can still contribute to the documentation.

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Contribution Workflow

Did you know that contributing to the documentation has never been easier? That you are just one click away from starting a contribution yourself every time you visit a page on Every official manual is contained in a GitHub repository and can be edited by anyone with a GitHub account. You can also edit a page directly on GitHub. All you need for that is a browser. If you are familiar with using Git and Docker, you can clone the repository and edit and render locally instead. 

Contribute now!

Ways to Contribute

There are several ways to contribute and things you can do as a contributor:

Roadmap 2019





New rendering infrastructure

Take documentation rendering to the next level on the new documentation server for more reliability in automatic rendering

May 2019



Optimize solution for broken links and redirects

May 2019


"Writing Documentation"

Restructure documentation about writing documentation for contributors and extension authors. Update and add missing information. (Sybille Peters)

June 2019


ViewHelper ReferenceAutomatically generate ViewHelper reference from Fluid and TYPO3 source code. (Daniel Siepmann, Claus Due) 


DockerModernize Docker image. Address open issues.  (Martin Bless) 


Best practices (content)Define best practices for writing TYPO3 documentation 

partly done

Content Strategy

Create a content strategy and a plan



Content structure

Structure and reorganize content, merge duplicate content


partly done

Content updateUpdate content, remove outdated contentOngoing 

in progress

Contributor support

Participate in events to teach the contribution workflow


in progress

SearchGlobal search engine integration 



Modernize theme.



Start page

Optimize startpage. Evaluate idea of creating startpage as TYPO3 page (



Past Achievements

You can browse through the Documentation Changelogs to see past achievements. But do note that a significant number of these achievements were contributed by community members who were not Documentation Team members. But that is a good thing because that is what we want to do: Involve you in creating great documentation.

Responsibilities of the Documentation Team

The Documentation Team provides the following:

  • Information about how to write documentation

  • Support via the Slack channel #typo3-documentation: Answer questions about writing documentation and using the tools

  • Support the TYPO3 CMS Core Team and other teams in their documentation efforts

  • Rendering of official manuals and extensions on the documentation server via automated toolchain

  • Docker image for local rendering

  • Theme

  • Organize sprints for working on documentation related tasks

  • Promote the work by writing news on, tweeting and speaking at events

The following tasks were previously the responsibility of the documentation team and have now been redefined:

  • Translation of manuals: The Documentation Team can help others in matters concerning workflow and tools, but it concentrates its efforts on manuals in English.

  • The technical infrastructure is handled by the Server Team. Who will coordinate maintaining / migrating the content is yet to be defined.

  • The technical infrastructure is handled by the Server Team.

  • Writing content: Writing content must be a combined effort of the TYPO3 community.

  • Maintaining content: Content must continuously be updated and maintained. The long term goal is to put this in the hands of dedicated manual maintainers.

Documentation News

See also Documentation Changelogs on

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    TYPO3 Initiative Week was introduced this year to bring together members of TYPO3 Initiatives to drive development forward. Core development is now organized into Strategic Initiatives where teams can focus on a targeted effort on one task. This week-long event provided a chance for everyone to connect across the initiatives.
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  • Impressions of the Developer Days from the Documentation Team

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    In this post, the Documentation Team and contributors share their impressions from TYPO3 Developer Days 2019. They had sessions to talk about the state of documentation, to demonstrate how to contribute, and to generate new ideas and feedback.
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    Documentation Recap from the TYPO3 Fluid 3.0 Workshop

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    The TYPO3 Documentation Team accepted Claus Due’s invitation to his TYPO3 Fluid 3.0 Workshop in Aarhus, Denmark.
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    Created by Daniel Siepmann is now hosted by TYPO3 Inc. and gets a modern setup using Bamboo as CI (Continuous Integration) solution for rendering.
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    Recap: Docs Team Joins Sprint Wiesbaden

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    Created by Sybille Peters
    The Documentation Team joined the Team Sprint in Wiesbaden, Germany from Feb 10-13. Two of us from the Docs team met up for the sprint, Daniel Siepmann, of Codappix GmbH, and myself, Sybille Peters, from Carl von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg.
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