The TYPO3 Documentation Team

The documentation team aims to provide exhaustive, quality documentation about TYPO3 products for all users, with the help of the community. In order to achieve this, it pursues the following goals:

  • write and maintain official documentation for TYPO3 CMS.
  • care for the central documentation web site (
  • support the TYPO3 CMS Core Team and any other team in their documentation efforts.
  • encourage the creation of online tools for easy reference to the main languages and APIs of TYPO3, ensure quality and maintenance.
  • encourage the creation of any other tool which favors documentation and understanding of TYPO3.
  • encourage the translation of the documentation.

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In more detail

There are many types of TYPO3 users and it would be impossible to categorize them all. Although it is not possible to cater to each of these types, the Documentation Team encourages all forms of documentation no matter how specific. However the Documentation Team itself will focus on documentation with as wide an audience as possible.

The wiki ( is a community tool where anyone can write some piece of documentation about any topic related (even remotely) to TYPO3 products. It is also very convenient to collaborate thanks to change tracking. When some piece of documentation has reached a certain maturity in the wiki, it may become a candidate for "promotion" as an official document. The Documentation Team cares for the maintenance of the wiki.

There are quite a few places in the TYPO3 CMS Core where some form of inline documentation is available (context-sensitive help, inline manual). The Documentation Team may either directly provide the TYPO3 CMS  Core Development Team with improvements in these areas or respond to requests from the Core Team. Such support is also available for extension authors who might request it, although the Documentation Team can not guarantee a fast or complete support depending on its workload.

Anyone is welcome to develop tools that help further the understanding of TYPO3 products. As with documentation from the wiki, if the Documentation Team comes across a particularly useful tool, it may propose to the author to help taking care about this tool to ensure its maintenance and continued existence.