The TYPO3 Documentation Team

Our main goal is comprehensive, relevant, up-to-date and easy to find documentation about TYPO3 products for all users. The Documentation Team provides infrastructure and support.

The Documentation Team sets the stage for you - the community - to write great documentation. Though we do love to write and update documentation, the purpose of our team is to provide the TYPO3 community with the tools to improve documentation.  

This includes information about using the tools to write great documentation. We strongly encourage the community to get involved. If you want to start right now, skip to the Contribute section on this page!

Contact us

The best way to contact the Documentation Team is in the Slack #typo3-documentation channel.

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Or, you can also send us an email: 

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Did you know that contributing to the documentation has never been easier? That you are just one click away from starting a contribution yourself every time you visit a page on

Every official manual is contained in a GitHub repository and can be edited by anyone with a GitHub account. If you are familiar with using Git and Docker, you can clone the repository and edit and render locally

But, you can also edit a page directly on GitHub. All you need for that is a browser.

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