How to produce a compelling case study for TYPO3

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Learn how to produce great case studies. Case studies employ a narrative arc backed up by real-world data to present persuasive evidence. We will tell the stories of heroes who wielded the magic of TYPO3 to create innovative solutions to problems decision makers can relate to. By championing these people and brands, we also give guidance to others who are dealing with the same challenges. 

Would you like to improve your case studies or get started writing them? Come to our case study workshop. 

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Can't attend? Don't worry, you can follow along self-paced online here after the workshop video is published.

About this workshop

In this workshop, we'll look at what are the parts of a compelling case study. 

  • Before you start, how do you choose a case study that aligns with your strategic objectives. What does your audience care about? What is the angle?
  • When you begin researching, set the scene. What is the business problem or challenge addressed in this case study? 
  • Present the solution. What feature areas of TYPO3 provided the solution to the problem?
  • Talk about the results and benefits. The more specific the data, the more convicing the case study.

Let’s look at examples from TYPO3. Also, please share your favorites from outside of TYPO3. Bring examples of case studies you really like. 

What are some of the challenges of getting a case study?

  • Getting data. Often clients don't have specific data about the before and after states to demonstrate impact. 
  • Getting approvals. The highest profile brands are under the most scrutinty, and approvals processes can take a while. Working directly with the PR teams and setting expectations in advance can help. 

Tell us what challenges you've had. 

In this workshop we will...

  • Learn how to plan writing a case study.

  • Use the skills from the previous session to conduct interviews of a client and/or creative team behind the case study.

  • Where do they get published and promoted?,, Your own company website. 

  • Outcomes: In this session, and afterwards online, we’ll help you write a case study.

  • Also: Use the templates and briefs to plan writing tasks.