Write, Translate, Proofread: Help TYPO3 Without Coding

Categories: Community, Association Created by Mathias Bolt Lesniak
The TYPO3 Association’s communication group wants you. We coordinate the TYPO3 Association’s communication, and are looking for more people. You can commit to anything from three hours a year to three days a week.
The Communication Group is currently composed of members from the EAB and the Board. We would like to open it up so anyone interested in improving communication and creating content can participate. Our goal is to improve and stabilize the communication of important facts and news concerning the TYPO3 Association and the Community.

Important Tasks and Too Few People

Tasks assigned to the group are:
  • Increasing awareness of the TYPO3 Association’s activities
  • Coordinate communication activities within the TYPO3 community
  • Coordinate the Association in social media
  • Introduce regular publications (newsletter, reports, etc.)
  • Relaunch typo3.org
We are also planning to relaunch the “This week in TYPO3” series and create a collection of blog posts from various third party bloggers, with teasers at typo3.org and deep links to the original article.
Our existing members are involved in other TYPO3 community tasks. There is a lot to do. That is why we would like the help of community members like you. The work will be unpaid and voluntary.

How to Join

Send an email to <link>rino.razzi@typo3.org and tell us how you would like to contribute. You can join our bi-weekly meetings—or just give us a list of your skills so we can contact you when we need you.

Skills we need

You don’t have to have a degree in English. TYPO3 is international, so all languages are welcome.

Writer level 1 and 2

Writers produce text, either by writing about specific topics or events or by writing down interviews.
Almost anyone can be a level 1 writer. The requirement is that you can write a text in an understandable form for others to improve upon. Your language does not have to be perfect. 
A text written by a level 2 writer is a complete interview and article that should only need to be proofread.


Copywriters are level 2 writers who also know how to write text for press releases, sales, publicity or advertising.


A person that knows the rules of spelling, grammar and style well enough to correct mistakes in texts.


A person who knows two languages well enough to convert a text from one language to another without losing the meaning on the way.


A TYPO3 Editor who knows enough about the CMS and typography to make an article look better on a website than it would otherwise have done.

Press contact

A person with verbal communication skills and the wits needed in order to speak to journalists about TYPO3. Don't worry, we can teach you how.


A person with a camera, who knows how to use it. Preferably combined with a sense for aesthetics.