Wrapping up T3DD10

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TYPO3 Developer Days 2010 are over. Workshops and Worldcup!
We have had blazing hot days over here with temperatures over 30 degrees. It seemed more like being in Jamaica, rather then Northern Germany. Workshops and the Worldcup were the main topics. The tech guys managed to install a satellite receiver and the Germany-Argentina game was shown in the main room on the beamer. You can of course imagine the huge enthusiasm after the game with the overall German crowd. The organisation listened to comments of last years participants and the prevailing wish was to make the entire event more practical. So it was decided to change the overall concept of the Developer Days. In previous years you had almost only presentations that were in parallel as well. The motto for this years Developer Days is "Getting things done" and is quite representative for the spirit you'll find throughout the community. The high temperatures did not stop people from working. Across the Nordakademie several rooms were dedicated to the workshops that generally lasted like 4 hours. This sounds like a lot but actually it is not. Many projects were either kickstarted or continued here.

TYPO3 version 4.5

The release manager team for version 4.5 was elected during the core team meeting prior to the Developer Days. Steffen Kamper and Ernesto Baschny presented theire plans for the new version in quite a unique way. Steffen accompanied Ernesto on the piano while he unfolded the plans for 4.5. TYPO3 version 4.5 will be released on January 26th 2011. Long Term Support for the new version was announced. The new release will be feature-rich, reliable and stable. For a period of three years this release will receive all bugfixes and will support all commonly used browsers including IE6.

TYPO3 Phoenix

Phoenix is the next generation CMS, based on the in-house developed PHP framework FLOW3. Phoenix is currently under heavy development. The Phoenix workshop attracted several new faces. After the workshop we discussed the product backlog, essentially going through all the stuff that was done during the second sprint. Sprint release 2 will be on July 9th. Planning for Sprint 3 and Sprint 4 lasted until deep into the night. Some major hi-tech discussions took place. As the meeting was open a lot of people joined the meeting to get a glimpse of what the Phoenix team is up to. One of the most exciting things that happened concerning the development of Phoenix is that the team got introduced to the Aloha DOM based frontend Rich Text Editor. This might have promising implications for the further development of Phoenix. More news from the Developer Days will be published soonish.