Wanted: Design for forums on typo3.org

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Some months ago, we were looking for a solution to put forums on typo3.org that synchronize with our newsgroups. Now, we're a big step ahead, the technical solution is running, but: Now we need a design!

The background story:

You might remember a time long ago when all mailing-lists were also available online through typo3.org (which looked quite different back then).... However, this feature did not survive a typo3.org relaunch -- but the demand was always there. Some time later, Steffen Kamper put online support.typo3.org, which also was a web-based view of all the newsgroups. However, because we did not manage to maintain this, this is still offline until now.

However, we'd like to offer a web interface to all our newsgroups on forums.typo3.org, so that people who do not want a news reader or are behind a company firewall are able to interact with the other people in the TYPO3 universe.

The current state:

In October 2010 we were finally looking for a solution for forums which are synchronized to our newsgroup. Luckily, we found such a solution (FudForum) and with Tim Duelken and Christine Gerpheide also two motivated people to work on this! Technically they both got the system already to a very good state.

What we need:

Now, what's missing is a slim, cool and well-working design for the forums. Of course, now that we have the brand new screens for the typo3.org relaunch, we would of course like the designs for the forum to be based on the same base layout.

Now, if you feel like you could help us by creating screens for the upcoming forum, turn those designs into markup, and/or turning markup for the design into a FudForum template (FudForum has some special way of templating their system), then we are looking for you!

If you feel like you're the right person for the job, get in touch with us! We will then provide you with high resolution versions of the new typo3.org design, possibly also the markup for it already as it is being produced, as well as show you how far we have got with the forum until now.

You'll find us at admin@typo3.org, you can reply to this blog post or write to the typo3.teams.typo3org newsgroup.

Together, we can get forums.typo3.org up and running again!

Ingmar Schlecht
and the whole TYPO3 Server Admin Team