Upcoming elections in the TYPO3 Association 2016

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Official positions in the TYPO3 Association have a tenure of office of 2 years. Each year half of the positions are newly elected. In 2016 the following positions are up for election:
In the Expert Advisory Board (EAB) the mandates of Dominik Stankowski, Martin Wiederkehr and Michael Stucki expire. In the Business Control Committee (BCC) the two mandates of Jochen Weilland and Marco Klawonn expire.  In the Board the positions of President (Olivier Dobberkau), Secretary (Stefan Busemann) and 1st Assessor (Danijela Weissgraeber) are up for election. 

Who can get elected?

Starting from today until 2016-03-20 anybody can nominate himself for the vacant positions. Please use only the official nomination form to submit your nomination. <link _blank bu>Nomination form It is important that you state for which position(s) you want to nominate yourself in the comment field. You can nominate yourself for more than one position, but you can only accept one position.

Who can vote?

Positions of EAB and BCC are elected directly by the members of the TYPO3 Association. If you are a member you will get a voting token by email in March 2016. You can then cast your vote between 2016-03-21 and 2016-04-03.
Positions of the Board are elected by the current EAB in a secret election during the TYPO3 Associations next General Assembly on 2016-04-06. The Board is elected by the EAB during the General Assembly in Essen.

Good to know

If you accept your election, you have to become a personal member (bronze membership) of the TYPO3 Association.


  • 10.03.2016: First announcement of the election & start of online nomination
  • 20.03.2016: create voting committee
  • 20.03.2016: End of nomination
  • 20.03.2016: Set up discussion platform to interact with the canditdates
  • 20.03.2016: second announcement of the election
  • 21.03.2016: Start of the online voting
  • 03.04.2016 days at 23:59: End of the online voting
  • 06.04.2016 General Assembly which approves the result of the online voting