typo3.org sprint Stuttgart October 2017

Categories: Community Created by Stefan Busemann
From 12th to 14th of October our team met in Stuttgart at cronIT office. We set our team three main goals.
  1. Finalize LDAP integration for my.typo3.org
  2. Fine tuning on layout elements
  3. Revise existing content

my.typo3.org: This will get the central place for all user related data and a central place for our community. For the beginning it will just be the user profile and the interface for our LDAP. In this sprint we finalized the whole registration process, including spam protection and LDAP integration.

Layout: Our frontend team (Yarslav and Harry) focussed on solving layout issues. In the sprint we were able to add sortable tables, ajax login state, improve the layout of our slider and font loading.

Content: Mathias and Marco worked mainly on the content. We are trying to update as much content as possible. In this sprint the “project” area was in their focus. All text was revised and is now in a state, to get beautified.

Then we tried to review the site structure and content elements from a usability point of view and created a list of todos.

We are heading towards the launch of new.typo3.org, which will be online for some month next www.typo3.org. The biggest achievement of the whole relaunch project, is a very stable workflow, which allows us to release very often. So we will keep up the work and will deliver our sites step by step.

Next Sprint

Our next sprint is already in three weeks from now. Between Nov 2nd and 5th we will meet in Essen next to the Rhein Ruhr Sprint. Join our team at the #t3o-relaunch-sprints channel in https://typo3.slack.com


We like to thank Ernesto Baschny from cronIT for offering us their meeting rooms in Stuttgart and Ingo Schmitt of Marketingfactory for sponsoring delicious food.

Participants of the sprint:

Thomas Löffler, Stefan Busemann, Yaroslav Trach, Mathias Bolt Lesniak, Marco Seiler, Harry Glatz, Tomas Norre Mikkelsen and Benni Mack