typo3.org relaunch status

Categories: Community Created by ben van 't ende
After years of waiting the new typo3.org is getting closer and closer. We have an update for you.
In the beginning of this year dkd was given the task of doing the relaunch of typo3.org based on a contract with the TYPO3 Association. Several voluntary projects had failed before and the need for a new design was really high. We are approaching the end of the re-design phase that was actually the assignment. Several people from dkd have also invested their own time to get issues fixed. The TYPO3 version was updated, which was not easy given the fact that there are a number of custom extensions like the TYPO3 Extension Repository. Updating the TYPO3 version and implementing the new design also caused several unexpected problems that needed to be solved. Anyone of you doing a redesign project is probably familiar with these issues. The redesign will be in a beta phase next week and at that moment we plan to give more people access to the website to comment on the look and feel. One of the major things we are missing at the moment is content. The texts there are need to be refreshed and as we are taking a more user oriented approach now this would also means that we need other texts. We have several writers looking into this including the documentation team. With this update we present you a preview of some of the pages that are under construction. It is just a first impression and things can change along the way. You can be assured that the relaunch will be there at T3CON10 in Frankfurt. The screenshots are not final yet and are partly mockups. In the next phase we get content into the pages and finalise typo3.org. Of course there is always the possibility to <link mail a to>contribute or participate.