TYPO3camps 2010 in Europe

Categories: Community Created by Peter Proell
TYPO3camps in Potsdam, Hamburg and Munich on the way .... Tickets for Potsdam only this very day .... TYPO3 Association sessions and certification .... first TYPO3camp in Italy projected for October/November

The TYPO3camp season has started and not only in the US. There will be three camps this year in Germany, starting in Potsdam tomorrow. If you are quick you can still get your ticket: Booking is open until tonight www.typo3camp-potsdam.de! Peter Proell will be at the camp and give a T3A session, showing some insights in the daily administrative work of the TYPO3 project.

In May (21st to 23rd) Hamburg is on. During the TYPO3camp Hamburg you'll have the possibility to attend the "Certified TYPO3 Integrator" exam (separate registration for this) and there is also a T3A session by Berit Jensen from the marketing team, giving some insights in the daily marketing work of the TYPO3 project. 

In September (10th to 12th) the TYPO3camp Munich takes place. Tickets are not available yet but you can register at https://www.typo3camp-munich.de. A certification exam is planned in Munich and we will have a T3A session there, too.

Last but not least there is a first TYPO3camp projected in Italy for October or November this year. Great to see the TYPO3 world get rocked by the camps from Germany via Italy and that the camps made the big jump to the US! Rock on!