TYPO3Camp Venlo 2018; for a lot of inspiration

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"Getting a lot of inspiration in a non-conventional environment” was the conclusion of visitors after the sixth TYPO3 Camp Venlo that took place at 8th, 9th and 10th of March at Domani. With a interactive talk about communication, the launch of TYPO3x Bynder, a hard quiz about PHP and a bright future for TYPO3, you can only agree with Mathias Schreiber. “It has been an amazing year so far."

Keynote – Howard Lettinga

We’ve all experienced it: the troubles that come with speaking in public. Through engagement and interaction Howard teaches us the five most important techniques to use in order to get rid of stage fright and keeping your public engaged. Among these five techniques is his own ‘unfreeze the knees’ technique, teaching you how to stand right in order to exert relaxation and confidence.

The future of TYPO3 – Mathias Schreiber

TYPO3 is going strong with new industry partnerships, TYPO3 University Package, In-house Certification and going global. TYPO3 is gaining a foothold in the Americas. Just recently the Canadian government has decided to start implementing TYPO3 for all their government websites. A giant leap for TYPO3 on the continent on the other side of the Atlantic.

Why equal does not equal – PHP quiz – Julliete Reinders Folmer

“Are you sure about that?” was a sentence that was frequently repeated during this session. Many walked into this session, fully confident that they could not be tricked. However, many were left scratching the back of their heads after the first few questions in this interactive activity where everybody in the audience learned something.

TYPO3 x Bynder - Roxane Epskamp and Frans Saris

“A digital library where you can find all your digital assets, that’s Bynder”, Roxane from Bynder explains. “It is easy, efficient and expandable, it is also simple to categorize.” DAM connected to your CMS gives you the best of both worlds. But Roxane also knows that Bynder is only as good as the program it connect with. The Bynder extension for TYPo3, that Frans Saris made, offers an seamless integration of your Bynder assets in your CMS with all the filter and search possibilities that Bynder offers. During their talk at TYPO3 Camp Venlo this integration was launched.

Filesystem Abstraction with Flysystem – Frank de Jonge

Frank explainedhow using different filesystems can be a pain, especially when you want to move from one provider to another. Often, file system providers cause you to be ‘vendor locked’. However, with Flysystem this is no longer the case. Flysystem supplies a delicate set of tools that allow you to talk to multiple storage systems in the exact same way, meaning that swapping to another provider will no longer break your code or require an entire re-design. Whether you want to use local storage, Amazon WS3 or Dropbox, Flysystem has got you covered.

Growing TYPO3 CMS adoption, scale, deal sizes, and community! - Tracy Evans

“Who is your audience and how do you solve their problems,” Tracy asks the public. “TYPO3 has a lot of solutions. Eighty percent of all the the core values of other programs we have also. Only we don’t talk about it.” That must change. That is the reason why Tracy and her partner of Open Strategy, Jeffery, are helping the TYPO3 community with a marketing strategy. They made, together with the community, a collaborative content plan. “You can contribute, too, to market TYPO3 so we can let the community grow. Wanna help? Come to the next marketing sprint.”  

Frontend editing with TYPO3 – Mathias Bolt Lesniak

Coming with TYPO3 CMS version 9LTS is the all new frontend editor. Mathias demoed all the functionalities of this magnificent tool in his presentation. Editing something small in the backend and then going back to the frontend to see the changes are past events. Now you can just go to the frontend editor, click the content you want to edit, and you can edit it inline. Dragging and dropping content elements to rearrange them, or even dropping new content elements is no problem. The frontend editor takes care of all of it.

New rules on privacy regulation - Anne Schmidt

“The new rules on privacy regulation will affect all of us,” started Anne Schmidt in her talk.  “For the consumer it’s a great regulation because their data has never been so protected as now.” For people working with data it is a whole different story. Before you do anything with data, you must have the permission of the consumer. But that same consumer can remove his permission at any time. “If so, you have to react quickly.” A visitor shakes his head. “It’s undoable to comply with these rules.”

Google's shift to mobile-first indexing – Peter Driessen

Google is changing its way of indexing websites to a system they call ‘mobile first.’ But what is this exactly, many people wondered. Peter explains the fine details as to how this is going to work. An ever-growing percentage of traffic on the web is done via mobile devices, and Google wants to accommodate this traffic. For this reason Google has decided to index your website according to the content it provides on the mobile version, and not the desktop version. Peter lets us know that it is very important that the content on our mobile websites should be looked after to make it succeed with this new indexing system

YOAST SEO plugin for TYPO3- with Joost de Valk and Richard Haeser

Last year these two  gentlemen presented YOAST SEO plugin for TYPO3. This year there is a improved version. Version 1.3 has the content analysis that checks the text you write, and gives suggestions to improve it. In the new version you can set a focus keyword, a snippet preview that shows how your article will show up in search results, and you can use the social preview feature so you can share your article on social media.

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