TYPO3Camp in Poland - Our first success to inject our TYPO3 enthusiasm into others

Categories: Community Created by Natalia Kaczmarek
Natalia Kaczmarek, one of the organizers of TYPO3camp Poland, and working for <link www.macopedia.pl>Macopedia, main organizer of the TYPO3camp Poland writes about the first TYPO3camp in Poland at the Pozna? University of Technology
One week before <link http: typo3camp.pl en>TYPO3Camp PL our office was all orange. All leaflets and the copies of a line-up were printed, ID cards and gifts for the participants were prepared. We had everything under control and with a great attitude we couldn't wait for the first day of the conference. TYPO3Camp PL took place in Pozna? on 18th -19th October at Poznan University of Technology, where our company - Macopedia - was the main organizer. It was the first international conference organized by us and we are very pleased that so many people took part in it - more than we had expected. We think that it is a great start to raise awareness of TYPO3 in Poland. We managed to get the honorary patronage of the Ministry of Administration and Digitization and the Ministry of Economy for which we are very grateful and glad that the Open Source culture is also appreciated by the government.

The keynote for the conference was presented by one of our special guests, Ben van 't Ende. He talked about how important is to communicate and trust each other and urged us to focus more on the positive actions of others. Thanks to Ben the audience could understand how the TYPO3 community works and what opportunities are available for getting in the TYPO3 project. The line-up for the event was diversified, it covered not only to TYPO3 technical issues e.g. development with continuous integration & deployment (by T. Nietsch), working on a variety of development environments (by K. Szymukowicz), unit and functional tests (by T. Motylewski), using Apache SOLR (by T.Grzemski) but also combined technical and business issues - TYPO3 Neos features (by R. Lemke) and challenges of responsive web design (by A. Cichosz).

Not to mention Sven Ditz's business presentation about how to sell the best CMS, which won the hearts of all participants. Sven gave us some tips on how to show our customers that there is no future in custom created agency software because of its poor features, small development opportunities and lack of security. He told the audience how to contradict myths about TYPO3 and what arguments to use to show the many advantages it has. The very first preview of TYPO3 Neos presented by Robert Lemke caused real "WOW" effect among participants! It is truly a next-generation system, which differs from the commonly known systems available today. In Neos content management becomes faster, easier and more user friendly. We are sure that this intuitive solution will be greatly appreciated by backend users. Inspired by the possibilities of Neos, Tomasz Grzemski and other members of TYPO3 Polish Community came up with an idea to relaunch the typo3.pl website based on this solution (they have already created a project on forge for it). Tolleiv Nietsch from AOE shared his long-term experience and best practices for TYPO3 deployment and how these should be integrated in the development workflow. This presentation was especially useful for more advanced TYPO3 developers. Daniel Homorodean from TYPO3 East Europe was also present at TYPO3Camp PL where he had a chance to invite the audience to the <link http: www.t3ee.org>T3EE conference in Romania (14th-16th November). We ended the conference with open discussion and some tips on how people can be more involved in TYPO3 community. Tymoteusz Motylewski shared his knowledge and shown how to use Forge and Gerrit and what opportunities are available for contributing to the TYPO3 project. We have received very positive feedback about the event organization and the presentation topics, also we were told that it was the first conference where almost all participants were dancing during the after party. Thanks to our sponsors <link http: www.aoemedia.com>AOE, <link http: www.sitegeist.de>Sitegeist and <link http: www.quintinity.de>Quintinity, we were able to achieve our goals and host our participants appropriately. The event showed a great enthusiasm in the TYPO3 Polish Community and that the community is getting bigger and bigger each year. Inspired by the success of TYPO3Camp PL we have already started to think about the next edition. We hope that we will be able to provide an even better line-up and atmosphere. Likewise our goal for next years event is getting more case studies and business presentations lined up to interest more people. See you in Pozna? next year for the second edition of TYPO3Camp PL!