TYPO3 User Experience Week 2009

Categories: Community Created by Ben van 't Ende
Didn't you always want to get locked into a castle in the middle of nowhere, with nothing but your laptop, an internet line, some drinks and 30 TYPO3 experts? You can focus entirely on helping to finish the last 20% of the TYPO3 4.X backend and make a big contribution with the rest of your team.
The event will be held in the 16th century <link http: t3uxw09.typo3.org about the-castle>Castle Behringen, situated in the outlying districts of Thuringia, the so-called "Green heart of Germany". Attendees will not only enjoy the comfortable 3-star double-rooms and apartments, but also the untouched nature of the "Hainich National Park", a former military training area. During T3UXW09, the castle will be reserved exclusively for the TYPO3 User Experience Week. The TYPO3 User Experience Week has been initiated to finish the last 20% of the 4.X backend. Part of the work to be done comprises cleanup, getting rid of inconsistencies and redundancies, realizing existing visions and creating new ones. UX details that have been started will be finished, such as grouping, shades, icons and contrast. We will try to identify and solve additional issues that come up. Last, but not least, we will work on a new skin that already fits version 5. TYPO3 has always been focused on technical aspects and scalability. Now the time has come to complete all this with more usability, simplicity and ease of use. This week will be totally focused on pushing usability to the next level. It will be a week of collaboration, and at the end the results will be presented by the participants to the other groups, as a live stream on the web and as a podcast. The week is scheduled from Saturday, the 14th of November until Saturday the 21st. A group of 30 people will work together intensely for one entire week. Food and shelter will be provided. 20% of the group will be User Experience (UX)/User Interface (UI) designers, 70% will be developers and we need around 10% nerd managers too guarantee workable results. Every team will have a team leader that will ensure that certain goals are met on time. A jury will decide on <link http: t3uxw09.typo3.org apply introduction>who participates. The TYPO3 Association, in a unique step, decided to sponsor the accommodations, food and drinks up to a maximum of 16000 euros. Participants should have ample experience with TYPO3, programming in accordance with the latest paradigms and ExtJS. Nerd managers will need to have some experience such as leading a company. UX/UI designers need to show some of their work in order to qualify. Teams of 5 to 6 participants will be formed to work on specific subjects. A jury, consisting of members of the HCI team, the core team and the TYPO3 Association, will select the volunteers. Of course we also have a number of folks on the radar ourselves that are known to have contributed to usability and we will definitely not wait for them to volunteer. What is really new now is that we are also targeting designers and project managers. This gives companies a chance to get into TYPO3 on another level. Volunteers will not have to pay to be there. Volunteers get <link http: t3uxw09.typo3.org support apply0>sponsored by companies or the companies send their best developer, designer or manager. Companies that sponsor will get a special certificate and a banner to put on their website so they can prove they support the usability of TYPO3. So, ask not what TYPO3 can do for you this time, but what you can do for TYPO3. Register at t3uxw09.typo3.org NOW!