TYPO3 Snowboard Tour (t3board)

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The TYPO3 snowboard tour is the oldest TYPO3 community event that has been around for a very long time already. We are really happy to announce the legendary event will span the globe from Canada to Europe in the year of its 15th anniversary. Next to the already almost fully booked tour to Canada there will be another event taking place in Europe again.

T3BOARD16-EU - Tyrol, Austria

The T3BOARD16-EU will take place in Tyrol, Austria from 2016-02-28 till 2016-03-06 in Hainzenberg, Zillertal, Tyrol, Austria

The location - Zillertal in Tyrol

This time we decided to go to the area of "Zillertal", a great valley situated in Tyrol. The big benefit of the area "Zillertal" is the high amount of skiingregions, which are all included in our skipasses (Zillertal Superskipass)! All lifts which are not directly starting at the hotel are reachable by included skibusses, most of them just in a couple of minutes!

Camp style sessions and core sprint

During T3BOARD16-EU we plan to perform some camp-style sessions in the evenings, also we plan to host a sprint of the core-team. So this is your chance to meet some of the most passionate people about TYPO3. Our great community is wellknown because of its "openess" and its inspiration to share and discuss! Registration is here:

The dedicated site of the t3board16 has some more information at: