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One of the many highlights of T3OD21 Day 4 was the World Video Premiere about the project and work of BabesGotBytes from Capetown, South Africa.

Closing The Gender Gap in the Tech Industry

BabesGotBytes is a non-profit organization focused on Women In Tech, and has been proudly supported by the TYPO3 Association since 2019. 

Their mission is to empower girls and women to code! They support girls in South African schools, and youth in marginalized communities, to study tech-related subjects and pursue IT courses and careers. 

Some of the students had never used a computer before, and are now quickly learning HTML and CSS to build websites. Many of the participants in the program now have career aspirations to become software developers.

In the next five years, BabesGotBytes hopes to expand to all provinces in South Africa, teaching and inspiring youth in marginalized communities. They want to expand on their expertise in web development into other tech areas like data science and AI.

Watch the Video

During T3OD21 Day 4, after watching the video premiere, we switched LIVE to Cape Town and Olivier Dobberkau talked to the founders about this outstanding initiative.

BabesGotBytes at the TYPO3OnlineDays21

BabesGotBytes and TYPO3

The TYPO3 Association first encountered BabesGotBytes at the CMS Africa Summit in Cape Town, in 2019. Olivier Dobberkau, president of the TYPO3 Association, was deeply impressed by their vision and eager to assist the organization.

Through financial support and donations from the TYPO3 Association, BabesGotBytes has been able to continue to operate, buying equipment for the attendees and the instructors.

TYPO3 is proud to continue this support. 

You Can Help too! 

Follow BabesGotBytes on Twitter.

Donate to BabesGotBytes and help them achieve their goals faster! More funding will help them do things like:

  • Find a permanent workshop venue. 
  • Operate on weekdays (not just weekends).
  • Hire more staff.
  • Extend their services to other disadvantaged communities.

You can make a one-time or monthly contribution.

I want to help!

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