TYPO3 Phoenix Sprint 8 Released

Today the TYPO3 Phoenix team has released Sprint Release 8. It has been a while since the last release, but we are on a steady pace of releases from now on.
Finishing sprints has gained a higher priority than working on development right now. FLOW3 will always need development, but we are at a stage where FLOW3 is considered a solid basis for further developing our next generation CMS, code-named Phoenix for the time being. So, we're back to the essence of sprints: work for a set period of time, and release this work as a 'shippable' deliverable. From now on we'll do a sprint release every 2 or 3 weeks, and publish the newly added features in the release notes. We're also very happy to have a Certified SCRUM Master on board with Ben van 't Ende, who managed to get certified two months back! This current release features the current status of TYPO3 Phoenix, all available features are documented at <link http: phoenix.typo3.org documentation features.html>phoenix.typo3.org/documentation/features.html. The most important highlights compared to the last sprint release are:
  • Content module based on Emberjs
  • Configurable content types
  • Refactored TypoScript 2 rendering
We're really looking forward to your experiences with this sprint release, and welcome all feedback! As the TYPO3 Phoenix is still under development and not fully cross-browser tested, we encourage you to test and report your findings.
You can download the sprint release from phoenix.typo3.org, documentation and further announcements about the next sprint releases also to be found on this website. Special thanks go to the server team for quick support getting this server up. We hope you'll enjoy this release, and thanks to all contributors who made this possible! TYPO3 Phoenix team.