TYPO3 on Cebit 2014 – Support Now!

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Like in 2013 TYPO3 will engage itself in CMS Garden for the coming year. As a matter of fact CMS Garden has it’s roots in the TYPO3 community as an idea that came up to support Open Source at CeBIT with the decreasing Open Source sponsoring from CeBIT itself.
CMS Garden is an initiative where you will find all the relevant open source CMS-es in one place. On the website and in the wild you will find the CMS Garden at events like CeBIT, LinuxTag or FrOSCon. You can compare, evaluate and decide. CMS Garden is a community driven event where attendants are not shy to share ideas and help each other out. CeBIT is the world’s leading business IT event. In 2014 CeBIT is all about business and will take place from March 10 - 14 in Hannover, Germany.

An own booth at CeBIT 2014? Here is how …

Out of a loose cooperation CMS Garden evolved into an official association of which the first General Assembly will be held in January 2014 in Essen. This organizational structure offers the best possibilities for the participating systems - currently Contao, contenido, djangoCMS, Drupal, Joomla!, OpenCms, PAPAYA, Plone, Redaxo, Scientific CMS, TYPO3, Wordpress - to draw attention. This especially at events to which most content management systems could not otherwise represent themselves. In 2013, CMS Garden was present at CeBIT in Hannover, LinuxTag Berlin, FrOSCon in Sankt Augustin and DMS Expo in Stuttgart.

CMS Gardener's Guide 2014 (second edition)

At these events, the CMS Gardener's Guide was distributed. At a whopping 130 pages and 10,000 copies printed and distributed, each of the participating systems is able to present itself in this guide. Service providers present themselves in the CMS Gardener's Guide with ads or a directory listing. For 2014 a new edition of the CMS Gardener's Guide is planned. You can already buy a directory entry for a mere 100,- Euro netto and advertisements are available from 550,- Euro netto. You can book your entry into the Guide until January 24, 2014 straight from the CMS Isotopes Garden Shop.

Your exhibition stand at the CeBit 2014

At CeBit 2014 there is the opportunity to present your company on a minimum of 4 square meters stand in the direct environment of the CMS-Garden at prices that are far below the regular CeBit fees. If you are interested and would like to learn more about conditions, pricing and more, please e-mail directly from Daniela Seifert (d.seifert @ pluspol.de) of Pluspol. Pluspol is the company that is in charge of the organisation of the Open Source Park and the infrastructural stuff for CMS Garden at CeBIT

Make your TYPO3 commitment visible

Another way to show your commitment is to support CMS Garden with sponsoring. There are three variants for you to choose from: As supporter, premium or diamond sponsor. all sponsoring options are described on the CMS Garden website. Support the CMS Garden initiative and support the TYPO3 project and the TYPO3 community!