TYPO3 Membership: One Burger a Month

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TYPO3 Association Announces Community Membership at €7.92/year. Memberships in the TYPO3 Association should not be a question of personal economy or exchange rates. It should be the member’s engagement for the CMS platform that counts.

With the new Community membership category the TYPO3 Association offers full voting rights for individuals at less than €8/year. 

Originally an idea of TYPO3 Association President Olivier Dobberkau, the new membership will enable anyone in the TYPO3 Community to be a part of the Association. On 4th April 2017, the Association’s General Assembly voted in favor of the new membership tier. 

A Burger-Based Pricing Scheme

The membership price is unusual, but was no random decision: It is based on the magazine The Economist’s informal Big Mac Index. “If you can afford one hamburger a month, you can afford a membership,” says Boris Hinzer, member of the Association’s Expert Advisory Board. “Venezuela is the country with the cheapest Big Mac, with USD 0.66. We converted the sum to Euros and multiplied it by twelve months, and that is how we arrived at €7.92/year.”

The next lowest membership tier is Bronze, at €125/year. Bronze memberships make a greater contribution to the development of TYPO3 CMS and includes significant rebates on certifications, conferences, and other events.

Registration and More Information

More information can be found on the <link 973>Community Membership</link> page. The membership can be bought online at the TYPO3 Shop.

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