TYPO3 Marketing Team - strategic thinking and planning for 2016

Categories: Community, Marketing Created by Naike Schulthess
The TYPO3 Marketing has met on October 30 with the aim of shaping their strategy for the upcoming year. Creativity, criticism, and strategic thinking have been called into play and the team has met the expected workshop's results.
The Marketing Strategy Workshop has taken place in Düsseldorf and has been kindly hosted by WMDB Systems.  The workshop started with a review of the year 2015, with a focus on the Agency Meetup Days. The report is very positive and the team is happy to take the received feedback into consideration and to develop an even better and even more inspiring roadshow for 2016.  The team warmly welcomes to the group few new members: Daniel Homorodean, Leslie Alfredsson, and Natalie Klinke. The need for capable contributors is great and anyone interested in supporting the TYPO3 marketing activities is very welcome to join one of the upcoming team <link http: t3marketingsprint.org _blank>sprints. From the end of 2015 Fabian Stein will take over the role of team leader from Alain Veuve. Alain has decided to step back from this role as he is strongly involved in other TYPO3 activities (TYPO3 Inc project, Treasurer of the TYPO3 Association, responsible for bookkeeping activities of the TYPO3 Association). Alain will anyhow maintain his strong and valued contribution to the team, acting as strategic advisor.  The second part of the meeting has been dedicated to identifying key focus elements for 2016. This has been done in form of workshop and quite few ideas have been developed. The priorities have been set on (but not limited to): the relaunch of typo3.com, a TYPO3 7 LTS flyer, a CSR project, TYPO3 Slidedeck, a social media plan, the new Agency Meetup Days, and a TYPO3 videos serie. The team reconfirms the will to have three marketing sprints in 2016, together with real-life meetings every two months. This allows the group to collaborate closely on common goals and activities and to develop a great team spirit. Special thanks to: WMDB Systems for the hosting.