TYPO3 infrastructure hosting: Call for offers

Categories: Community, Association Created by Michael Stucki
The TYPO3 Server Team is responsible for managing the infrastructure behind the TYPO3 project since 2011. As we would like to streamline our setup and consolidate all services within one environment, we're looking for a new supplier to host our whole infrastructure. We are calling for offers that meet the following requirements:

Networking requirements

  • Internet facing bandwidth 1Gbps (average bandwidth is ~20Mbps, current monthly traffic is ~10TB)
  • servers/VM directly connected to each other through common layer 2 network. 1G connection, 10G is a plus
  • at least one external and one internal VLAN or physical interface
  • a /28 network of public IPv4 addresses (update: 6 public IPv4 addresses, they do not have to be in the same subnet)

Storage requirements

  • in total ~3TB of data
  • network storage preferred
  • alternatively local SSD storage
  • ability to create snapshots is a plus, however we will store nightly backups on an external system as well

Compute requirements

  • VM-based / IaaS solution (preferred), where we can deploy VMs according to our needs (~50 VMs with 1-4 CPUs and 4-16 GB RAM each)
  • physical alternative: 4 servers (hardware) with at least the following specification: at least 6-core Xeon CPU, 128 GB RAM, remote KVM

Contract / Sponsoring

We're looking for a regular contract with all rights and duties as you would sign with any other customer. However, due to our status as open source project, we're certainly open to some kind of partial or full sponsoring for at least 5 years.
Please specify your terms and conditions accordingly.

Selection procedure

The TYPO3 Server Team members will publish their decision according to the timeline below. While we will not disclose details of each application, we will report our working and the outcome of the evaluation.

Making an offer

Please send your proposal by email to admin@typo3.org. If you have any questions, you can email us to this address as well, or reach out to to #typo3-server-team Slack channel on typo3.org/slack.


  • June 9, 2017: Public release. Additionally, we will inform suitable companies known to the TYPO3 community
  • June 30, 2017: Final date to submit proposal
  • until July 7, 2017: Decision by the TYPO3 Server Team 


  • 2017-06-13: Added note about average bandwidth
  • 2017-06-13: Added requirement for public IPv4 addresses
  • 2017-06-13: Update requirement for public IPv4 addresses (no need for a /28 subnet)