TYPO3 Entry-Level Certification (Status Update September 2021)

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The TYPO3 Education Committee posts an update about the Entry Level Certification project (you might know it as the Micro Certification Project).

The project is on track, aiming to launch in the first quarter of 2022.

What is the Aim of the Project?

We would like to get closer to our target audience and make it easier to teach TYPO3.

The project will cater for editors, integrators and developers with TELC-E, TELC-I and TELC-D (TYPO3 Entry-Level Certification for Editors, Integrators, and Developers).

Watch the Movie!

You can view the report of the status update given to the TYPO3 board in September, 2021 on YouTube

You Can Prepare Right Now

You can start preparing for the release of the certification in the first quarter of 2022 now.

Download the TYPO3 Entry-Level Certification Material. It includes:

  • The syllabus.
  • Full skill list and official documentation resources.
  • A ready-to-use exercise for training.

Download the Material

Add Your Learning Resource to the Pool

We know that there is an abundance of high quality material out in the TYPO3 community that is very useful for learning and teaching TYPO3. 

Have you got, or know of, a great learning resource like a blog, video, book or tutorial? Let us know in the #micro-certification TYPO3 Slack channel.

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