TYPO3 entering eContent 100 list of most influencial IT companies

Categories: Community Created by Sander Vogels
New York, November 15, 2006 - <link http: www.econtentmag.com _blank>eContent Magazine, has published its yearly list of top 100 IT companies and projects that lead the industry. The TYPO3 Association is very proud to announce that TYPO3 has entered this list in the Content Management category.
The group of judges includes content management guru's Tony Byrne and Martin White. The judges focused on companies that innovate and deliver products and services that further the evolution of digital content. TYPO3, in their opinion, leads the way with powerful content management features.
TYPO3 is fast becoming an industry leader in the enterprise content management domain. This domain has been mainly dominated by large corporations like Stellent, Red Dot, and Interwoven. Considering that TYPO3 is not a public company, but a community-driven open source project, this winning vote only adds to the growing significance of open source software.
Inclusion in the <link http: www.econtentmag.com articles _blank>eContent 100 list is recognition of maturity and stability as well as the technical innovation and powerful features fostered by the worldwide TYPO3 development and user community. TYPO3 currently leads the European market in enterprise content management. Adoption in the United States has been slow, but is readily increasing. Inclusion in the eContent Magazine list is expected to boost the momentum within the United States by introducing more American professionals to TYPO3 and its wide array of capabilities.