TYPO3 Community May 2012

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The month of May saw the kick-off for TYPO3 version 6.0 with a first alpha release of version 6.0 and two FLOW3 beta releases.

TYPO3 version 6.0

The core of the release team for TYPO3 version 6.0 consists of Helmut Hummel (core developer and leader of the security team) and core developers Susanne Moog and Christian Kuhn. The team is joined in their weekly meetings by release managers from earlier versions like Benni Mack, Steffen Ritter and Xavier Perseguers and core team leader Oliver Hader and yours truly, community manager, Ben van 't Ende.

The new version is code named “Back To The Future”, which stresses the fact that we have freed ourselves from the version 4.x dilemma in jumping straight to version 6 and are now able to show, in our versioning schemes, the major release we have. Version 5 was reserved for a long time to be occupied by our new next generation CMS based on FLOW3. The new CMS, code named Phoenix for now, will get another name. You can expect more news on this later this year.

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The developer days in Munich set a high pace for the contributions from the start, so the changes and features in this release are remarkable already. Some backend usability improvements have been included n this alpha release. A code sprint later on, focused on the release of the new version, will undoubtedly see many more improvements. Initially planned for TYPO3 4.7, the File Abstraction Layer (FAL) is finally part of this alpha1. The integration of FAL in the backend also comes with usability improvements. Integrating FAL was a huge effort and will undoubtedly not be perfect yet in this early release. The release team, however, needs your testing so we can zap bugs  at an early stage. Every release we do is accompanied by a separate Introduction Package. It is easy to install and allows you to test new features and give the release team feedback. Any bugs or issues you come across can be submitted to our <link http: forge.typo3.org projects typo3v4-core issues _blank western>bug tracker. The code (bootstrap) that initializes TYPO3 on each request is undergoing a major refactoring and promises a boost in TYPO3's performance.

The final release of TYPO3 version 6.0 is slated for October 27 coinciding with TYPO3camp Regensburg.

News item: <link news article typo3-60-back-to-the-future western>typo3.org/news/article/typo3-60-back-to-the-future/
News item: <link news article typo3-60-alpha1-released western>typo3.org/news/article/typo3-60-alpha1-released/

FLOW3 and Phoenix

In May there were two beta releases of the upcoming FLOW3 1.1 and more attention shifted towards the upcoming CMS, Phoenix, based on FLOW3. A code sprint dedicated to Phoenix and the Package Builder was done in Venlo, the Netherlands. On the "powered by TYPO3 Phoenix" front more work was done related to the websites for T3CON12 Asia as well as T3CON12 Stuttgart.

In the light of the upcoming FLOW3 1.1 release "test upgrades" to various applications based on FLOW3 1.0 were done to see what needs to be improved in the code migration tool as well as the <link http: wiki.typo3.org upgrade_flow3 _blank western>upgrading instructions. If you have not yet tried out our beta releases, go and get them at the <link http: flow3.typo3.org download.html _blank western>download page!

For the coming months more dedicated work will be done on Phoenix by a number of developers and specifically on implementing package management that will provide a basis for what made TYPO3 so popular in the first place: the "TYPO3 Extension Repository".

News item: <link news article typo3-phoenix-and-flow3-may-2012 western>typo3.org/news/article/typo3-phoenix-and-flow3-may-2012/
Phoenix test environment: <link http: integration.phoenix.typo3.robertlemke.net:8080 western>integration.phoenix.typo3.robertlemke.net

 <link http: t3con12-asia.typo3.org conference>


We had the Developer Days, Snowboard Tour and Quebec conference already for this year, but we still have a lot of bar-camps and conferences coming your way. There are the official <link http: t3con12-asia.typo3.org conference>Asian TYPO3 Conference in August and the <link http: t3con12de.typo3.org conference>European TYPO3 conference in October in Stuttgart, Germany.

Check out the <link>events section or the <link>typo3.org homepage to find an event of your interest.