TYPO3 Agency Meetup Days 2015 – A report on the Düsseldorf and Bern meetings

Categories: Community, Marketing created by Naike Schulthess
Two more TYPO3 Agency Meetup Days took place last week, on October 7 and 8. One in Bern and one in Düsseldorf.


The Swiss meetup has been the largest so far, attracting agencies from both the German and the French speaking parts of Switzerland. In Bern 20 different agencies have gathered with representatives of the TYPO3 CMS core team, of the marketing team, and of the TYPO3 Association. These being Mathias Schreiber, Christian Händel, Olivier Dobberkau, and Naike Schulthess. At the German meetup instead 12 agencies have come together. While the TYPO3 CMS team was represented by its Product Owner, Mathias Schreiber, the marketing team by Boris Hinzer and the TYPO3 Association by Naike Schulthess.

The Agenda

1. Introductions

Just like any other event, each of these two T3AMDs have started with a general introduction on the expectations of the marketing team, on why the meetups take place, and by giving the chance to each participant to introduce him or herself.

2. One-year retrospective

Boris Hinzer presented to the participants what has been done during the last year, with a clear focus on solving the "management and technical debts" that have been clearly underlined during the last edition of the TYPO3 Agency Meetup Days.

3. Marketing Material

Boris Hinzer have presented the development done within the marketing team since the beginning of 2015. The style guide has been presented, together with the created marketing collaterals, and the idea of the merchandise shop. The marketing team also used this opportunity to underline the need for more engagement from the community at the marketing sprints.

4. A look into the future

This section of the agenda has been shaped in form of a workshop. Each participant could write down a list of things he or she expected from the TYPO3 Marketing Team. Quite few ideas have been expressed here, to name few: a clear brand definition and positioning, more PR work done for non-tech papers, develop unique selling proposition documents for TYPO3 decision makers, work more on case studies, videos, and material that promote the product for what it really can do.


Mathias Schreiber has presented TYPO3 CMS 7 to the participants, explaining that one main focus of the core team was to make the life of a TYPO3 editor a bit easier. Mathias, also known as Mattes, has explained the main changes linked to each session and answered to a series of questions regarding the upcoming versions and releases. For more details on the regular releases of TYPO3 CMS 7, check the news section on typo3.org.