TYPO3 6.0 alpha1 released

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The TYPO3 Core Development Team and the TYPO3 Community is proud to present a sneak preview of the next TYPO3 Version 6.0
The development of the TYPO3 version 6.0 swiftly started right after we branched off the version 4.7 and opened the master branch for new features. At the developer days in Munich and in the following weeks until now, that pace of the contributions even increased, so the changes and feature in that early alpha version are remarkable. In general the motivation to contribute to this release is very high. So new names appeared in the change log and we still get many requests with ideas that can be part of the next version. We will do our best to coordinate and integrate them in a sensible way.  Thank you very much for the great involvement and the feedback you gave us already.

Backend Usability Improvements

We will do a code sprint in this area later this year, but a few things already happend. It's mainly a cleanup of the page module. But even such small changes can make a difference for editors:
  • The "Insert Record" content element got a bit more love, so that the content of the linked elements is visble on first sight, without the need to edit the element.
  • "Insert Record" is now visible in the content element wizard
  • The page module has been cleand up. The action buttons, icons and additional information for content elements have been reordered for better readability and access.

File Abstraction Layer (FAL)

Initially planned for TYPO3 4.7 FAL is now finally part of TYPO3 6.0 alpha1.  The improvements we'll get through FAL are huge. In the first place the "abstraction of files" means that files cannot only be stored on the server where TYPO3 is running, but virtually anywhere in the cloud. Still it is transparent for editors, they can access the files through the list module as usual. The integration of FAL in the backend also comes with usability improvements. E.g. in the Images Content Element the link and description is now part of every image, so that images including their meta information can easily be reordered, removed or even hidden. Check it out and give us feedback. Integrating FAL was a huge effort and there might be some bugs left here and there. If you find any, please report them in our <link http: forge.typo3.org projects typo3v4-core issues>bug tracker.

Code Cleanup

A lot of things happend in this area. While the changes are not directly visible for end-users, they will hugely benefit from the better code quality in the long run.

Migration of Backend Module to Extbase

The logging and the view module are now based on Extbase. With that, the readability, maintainability and testability of the code base improved a lot.

General Code Cleanup

A lot of code has been reworked to meet our Coding Guidlines. As a consequence and in addition to that, we could activate tests on our build server so that further violation in some areas are now checked for every change request.

Removal of deprecated Code

A lot of old and deprecated code has been removed. This means we will have less old code to maintain in the future. As a consequence old extensions might need to be adapted to use the new API we provide. This alpha version is a good opportunity to check if your extensions still work with TYPO3 6.0 early before the release.

Reworked Bootstrap

The code that initializes the TYPO3 on each request has undergone a major refactoring. Splited into several classes and methods it is now better to maintain. This refactoring is the basis for further improvements which can boost the performance of TYPO3 a lot. We planned a code sprint on this topic where we aim to implement such improvements.

Check it out

A lot more went into the first alpha. You can find a detailed list of all changes in the <link http: wiki.typo3.org>change log. You can download the sources of TYPO3 6.0alpha1 on our <link>download page as usual. MD5 checksums: 
c3c5f9cd6ff3b9568d7c9e8b2702f3cb blankpackage-6.0.0alpha1.tar.gz bb810975d7a8933124da69e381e0ecb7 blankpackage-6.0.0alpha1.zip 28f24d8a3578c79e5e9c14a00a271e0a dummy-6.0.0alpha1.tar.gz e5550618f9b535270fe6ac8f21742760 dummy-6.0.0alpha1.zip 6a0fa3bed0dfca7451e84b4665f2a813 governmentpackage-6.0.0alpha1.tar.gz 2d7aa7164c9b941ccdb9818eb9d7146b governmentpackage-6.0.0alpha1.zip 8ec8c185abd765f89ae1dbed70e78869 introductionpackage-6.0.0alpha1.tar.gz e2ae4f4be61f1316f9f3e1b09256e7ea introductionpackage-6.0.0alpha1.zip a5a6dbc58e8f1269b93ccfb7b3e8939b typo3_src+dummy-6.0.0alpha1.zip 64fe9e159e68c16ecc590264ded6edb0 typo3_src-6.0.0alpha1.tar.gz 5757344dcf6ac85fdbcf9d75800b8e03 typo3_src-6.0.0alpha1.zip