TYPO3 4.2 Alpha 1

Categories: Development Created by Ingo Renner
The core team is proud to announce the first Alpha of TYPO3 version 4.2.
So what's new? Backend improvements You can now select in which module you start after you log in to the backend. When installing a new extension that contains backend modules they will show up immediately without the need of reloading the backend.
The TypoScript Object Browser now displays comments from your TS configurations. Filter for the Page Tree The navigation Page Tree now got a nifty searchbox to filter and highlight/dim elements in the tree. This is very handy for quickly finding your way through huge Page Trees. The navigation Page Tree is now organized so that all pages shown in the menu are grouped in their normal order while pages "Not in Menu" and SysFolders are ordered alphabetically below. TSconfig options exists to configure/disable both these features. Moving of elements in Workspaces Kasper Skårhøj implemented the long awaited feature to move elements in workspace. Additionally Workspace "swapping" for "New"-placeholders and "Deleted"-markers is now supported. Previously, both types would be published, not swapped. An option was added to completely turn off page and branch versioning (which are deprecated for TYPO3 4.2+). The whole Workspace can be previewed now for users with no backend login by a simple link you can email. Basically this is the same functionality as the preview link for individual pages available from the Web>Versioning module. You can find this function in User>Workspace (Workspace manager). Admin Panel overhaul Now you can define a time limit for operations which are measured by TYPO3's internal time tracking routines. Whenever this limit is exceeded, the corresponding row will be highlighted in the Admin Panel. Improvements for the RTE RTEmagic images are now duplicated when records are copied/versioned in tcemain. This is a long awaited feature that solves the bug that RTE magic images shared between two records would result in both disappearing if the one was deleted. Therefore this is also an important fix for Workspaces. New language The Albanian language was added so that localizations can be downloaded as they become available from the translators. Raised minimum PHP version requirement To run TYPO3 4.2alpha1 you need to have <link http: buzz.typo3.org people stucki article leaving-php4-behind>at least PHP 5.2. This move was necessary to use features introduced since PHP 5.0 which we hope will give a speed impovement to TYPO3. As always Other then the highlighted features we also packed a lot of bug fixes, performance improvements, enthusiasm, and love into this release. Next steps to 4.2 Please test this Alpha as much as possible, especially the new features described above! If you're e.g. using one of the new features in a project of yours already and discover bugs, please report them immediately to <link http: bugs.typo3.org>bugs.typo3.org! During the next weeks, we will release two or three more Alphas before locking down the development of new features. We will then continue with Beta releases which are only meant for bug fixes before turning to Release Candidates and the final version of TYPO3 4.2. This means that you can expect the final version to be ready around the end of January '08. For a detailed overview of the features planned for 4.2 and their progress, have a look at the <link http: wiki.typo3.org index.php>4.2 Development wiki page. You can download the packages at <link http: typo3.org download packages>typo3.org/download/packages/.
MD5 Sums:
363d7af17ca5164fe2fe6e7cd3040534 dummy-4.2.0alpha1.tar.gz
cf7c9f7e7e144e539c4e08cb67ba25c3 dummy-4.2.0alpha1.zip
ad492cc312c06d905b98fe6a5c0ba775 typo3_src-4.2.0alpha1.tar.gz
9bbbc430cdd00431cd79393a49ce5c45 typo3_src-4.2.0alpha1.zip
a080925b7250aeb3579a4dcf9dee3bab typo3_src+dummy-4.2.0alpha1.zip