This Week in TYPO3 (Week 49, 2013)

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This week and next week all eyes are on TYPO3 Neos. The team is currently sprinting towards the final release of TYPO3 Neos 1.0, topped by the launch party this Tuesday in Nuremberg, Germany.
Week Ending: December 6, 2013

Neos, Neos and Neos

Quiet before the storm. The team has been working very intensely on the 1.0 release. The Edit & Preview functionality is undergoing major work fx. Aske Aertmann and Rasmus Skjoldan have had long sessions this week, crunching Neos. Copenhagen frontend-agency, "<link http:>ShiftCPH" has been helping out with Neos frontend development, coordinated by Aske Aertmann, all week under a TYPO3 Association budget.  Last Tuesday, December 3, the Neos team released the last beta version of TYPO3 Neos bringing the final release of Neos yet closer again. The release contained some new breaking changes, but the team assures you that for most websites nothing breaks. Rasmus had a meeting with Topdanmark this week (platinum member and "the largest Danish enterprise using TYPO3"), they are very committed to helping out with TYPO3 in Denmark and are impressed with Neos development.
Sneakpeak new Neos website The new Neos website will be ready for launch when Neos 1.0 will be launched. Berit Hlubek has been working on this a lot. If you are updating form an alpha version then Florian Weiss has some tips for you in his <link http: people florian-weiss article something-neos-iv-alpha-to-beta-pitfalls>Alpha to Beta Buzz article. Tuesday, December 10, will see the much awaited release of TYPO3 Neos. Until then the Neos team is working in a final sprint to improve usability and stability of Neos. On Tuesday <link http:>Netlogix organizes a <link http:>release party starting at 18:00. The official release will be at 18:30 accompanied by a live demo. Later on you can try Neos yourself and everyone will party on into the night with cocktails and music. A live stream of this main event will be made available on the internet through <link http:> courtesy of <link http: en>Brightcove.

Release parties

Major preparations are going on for all the release parties. Until now 22 location have <link http: release_party neos_1.0>added their release party to the WIKI. There are release parties in far-away places like Beograd, Lviv, Tokyo, Porvorim (Goa-India) and Bhavnagar (Guajarat-India) The great Dane, Kasper Skårhøj, will be attending the release party in Copenhagen. If you want to meet and greet the man that stood at the foundation of the TYPO3 project then that is the place to be.

Extension Development News

Another great Dane, Søren Malling, <link http: pipermail flow>requests your feedback and does a call for contribution on a generic Rest API package he is working on. Søren would love to have your feedback and needs some people to help out to reach an awesome goal that the TYPO3 community can benefit from. The nameless coder does not like to keep things from you, the TYPO3 community, and presents you with a bit of bleedin' friggin' edge highly experimental software codenamed Fromage. Fromage (Fru-maaj; French for cheese) is a visual building tool to create flexible forms as content elements in TYPO3 CMS. On his Github hide-out you can read all about <link https: namelesscoder fromage>Fromage: Frontend Flux Forms.
Neos backend and Neos team sprinting

TYPO3 Association seeks Executive Secretary

The TYPO3 Association has put out a <link http: news article typo3-association-seeks-executive-secretary>vacancy out for an executive secretary that, amongst others, should assist the boards and coordinate public communications of the TYPO3 Association. An experienced individual that assists the TYPO3 Association with all tasks which are now easily forgotten or postponed. This job is a full-time paid position. The application phase will close at the 20th of December 2013.

Donation Hero

Seven Ditz from the Hamburg TYPO3 agency <link http:>Sitegeist started a <link http:>donation campaign for the benefit of the TYPO3 Association. The idea behind this campaign is to convince agency clients to become a member  of the TYPO3 Association or to donate to the project. As a matter of fact among the current platinum sponsors we do not only have TYPO3 agencies, but also companies like <link http:>FTI and <link http: en>Topdanmark that at some point use or have used the services as clients of TYPO3 agencies. The donation hero project runs until end of January, right before the <link http: general-assembly>TYPO3 General Assembly. You can find the <link https: donationhero>donation hero project on Facebook and on <link http:> Note from the author/editor: This Week in TYPO3 is written by me (<link http: community community-manager-corner>your community manager) for the TYPO3 community. Your input is appreciated. Please let me know in advance what is up from your side so I can include it in the weekly report. I really love copying and pasting. Next week will be the last report and most likely be 'This Day in TYPO3 (December 10, 2013)'.