This Week in TYPO3 (Week 47, 2013)

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This week ended in Bad-Dürkheim with the last days of the marketing sprint. A marketing sprint revolving around communication, strategy and marketing material. The final release of TYPO3 CMS 6.2 LTS was postponed to March 2014.
Week Ending: November 22, 2013

TYPO3 marketing sprint

The marketing sprint took place in Burg-Jugendherberge in Altleiningen. It is a youth hostel in a historic location in the middle of German wine country. The week began with a <link http: news article marketing-sprint-2013-communication-workshop>two day communication workshop presented and moderated by Mark Johnson and Scott Wilson from <link http:>OSS Watch. The workshop covered Open Source community topics concerning leadership, governance, negotiation, values, conflict, conflict resolution and everything surrounding communication. The third day was fully dedicated to strategy. A wide range of people from different parts of the community were invited for the strategy workshop. Jochen Stange from <link http:>Medienagenten organized the contents and tools for the workshop and moderated it like a boss. Alain Veuve, leader of the marketing team will report on this shortly.
Designers meeting From Thursday until Sunday the focus lay on producing marketing material, which was done in a slightly smaller group, but with many new faces. Bettina Helmstädt (Freelancer), Volker Neuenhaus (<link http:>PAGEmachine), Claas Reimer (<link http:>wmdb), Fabian Stein (<link http:>, Sascha Lüönd (dkd Freelancer), Peter Pawlak (<link http:>division ag), Sarah Ottinger (division ag), Heike Grimm (division ag) all contributed to these days. We were also very pleased to welcome Sabina Loicht from <link http:>Plan2 again after so many years.
Sneak peak The tasks for these days were to create flyers and white papers to distribute at fairs and to be used as base material for countries outside of the English speaking area. We will keep you updated on the results of these days. Participants were also able to join yoga sessions Tuesday and Thursday. On Friday there als was a meditation session. While this did not catch the attention of everyone, it seems worthwhile to continue this for events like this or code sprints where people might be sitting longer then 8 hours a day.


Three weeks before the actual release of TYPO3 CMS 6.2 LTS the team decided to postpone the release. It is a decision that has not been taken lightly. The postponement itself has been thoroughly <link http: index.php t>discussed on the core team list. The main reasons are that the release team just does not have enough time and resources to solve the current issues and would like to provide a rock solid release for the next CMS. Ernesto Baschny, release manager for TYPO3 CMS 6.2, writes about the <link http: news article typo3-cms-62-final-release-postponed>postponement of the final release on The article itself gave quite some reactions that are not only an interesting read, but a long one at that. With this announcement the team also <link typo3 cms lts>released beta 2 of TYPO3 CMS 6.2. Compared to beta1, beta2 contains lots improvements and fixes. A total of 169 fixes and changes were incorporated since beta1! Kudos to all conributors.