This Week in TYPO3 (Week 39, 2013)

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This week saw postponement of the Alpha 3 of TYPO3 CMS, GSoC pencils down, TYPO3 distributions, Neos news, TYPO3 girls and CMS garden goodness. As a bonus a small interview with DE-CIX’s Alexander Summa.
Week Ending: September 27, 2013

Will TYPO3 Neos be competitive from day one?

User Experience lead for Neos and TYPO3 brand manager Rasmus Skjoldan answers this question in <link http: news article will-typo3-neos-be-competitive-from-day-one>a recent article on with a YES. In the article Rasmus covers several aspects of a modern CMS and ends with the need for the TYPO3 community to embrace all products, TYPO3 CMS, Neos and Flow.

The secret of our community

Gina Steiner is a long-time contributor to the TYPO3 community and a former member of the board. In <link http: news article couch-sessions-or-the-secret-of-our-community>her article on the couch sessions, she initiated at <link http:>TYPO3camp Mallorca with Antje Möller and Riona Kuthe, she writes about personal itch and the bazaar principle that show the spirit of a barcamp and of our community.

CMS garden

Wolfgang Frank from <link http:> and me came up with the idea of CMS garden some two years ago. The sponsored space for Open Source projects, and specifically OS CMS-es, on <link http:>CeBIT (one of the largest IT fairs in the world) was on the decrease and we needed to come up with something to guarantee the Open Source Software presence at CeBIT and possibly other events. What started as a working title remained the title of the project. The name <link http:>CMS garden pretty much covers the intention of the initiative and the Open Source nature of the community work involved in CMS projects or the combined effort of OS CMS-es in CMS garden. This past week CMS garden was present at <link http: en where-it-works>DMS expo from September 24 - 26. Ernesto Baschny, release manager of the current TYPO3 branch, described it like this: “It was really lots of fun and somehow unexpectedly inspiring and motivating. It really felt like a vibrant movement to be part of.”

Google Summer of Code

It was pencils down recently for <link http: gsoc org google gsoc2013 typo3>our projects in this year’s Google Summer of Code. Final Evaluations are this week. Our participation was not without problems. Language barriers were at the root of this. The overall outcome though is great. Next week we will know who passed and who failed. There will be an elaborate update on that the coming week.


Past weekend saw the international TYPO3camp in Mallorca. Laslo Bodor gives <link http: blog typo3camp-mallorca-summary>a small write up about the TYPO3camp on his blog. There are two more TYPO3camps upcoming in Germany. <link http:>TYPO3camp Regensburg from October 25 - 27 still has tickets, so you might hurry to get one before it is sold out. <link http:>TYPO3camp Rhein Ruhr in Essen from November 8 - 11 is sold out and they already have a waiting list. Besides the mentioned TYPO3camps we have two international community events coming up. <link http: en>TYPO3camp Poland on October 18 and 19 in Pozna? and TYPO3 Eastern Europe - <link http:>T3EE in Cluj Napoca, Romania. Check those out and come over to support these new initiatives.


The Alpha 3 version of TYPO3 CMS 6.2 LTS is postponed to next week due to time-restraints. Unfortunate as it might be this is something that is likely to happen in an effort that is mostly driven by voluntary work. One thing that I think is totally awesome in the new TYPO3 version is a concept for distributions. Basically the plan is to allow extensions in TER to work as "distributions". The new EM in 6.2 is already prepared to present, unpack and install them, allowing also third party "distributions" to be created and easily installed on an existing system. We will ship our official government package this way, there will be (most likely) an international version of it (english) and a new responsive package (hopefully). So some maybe’s and hard to estimate where exactly the Work In Progress will end up with the release of TYPO3 CMS 6.2 LTS. A big +1 for Susanne Moog’s work on this.


Next week will see a huge Neos code sprint in Frankfurt hosted and sponsored by <link http:>DE-CIX. The sprint will peak at 25 participants by mid week. Participants come from 7 countries. Most notably Jacob Floyd from the US will be joining the sprint. I asked Alexander Summa from DE-CIX some questions concerning their involvement. Tell us a little bit about DE-CIX
DE-CIX is provider of premium IX services to all kinds of networks and operates several carrier neutral and independent Internet Exchange Points (IXPs) in the world, including DE-CIX Frankfurt, the world’s largest IXP. You are sponsoring one of the largest code sprints ever in the TYPO3 project history. What is your motivation behind this?
TYPO3 is DE-CIX’s content management system. DE-CIX has long benefited from the work of the community, and we want to give something back to the community. What has the TYPO3 project brought you?
TYPO3 is a user-friendly, intuitive tool. Apart from that, DE-CIX’s software developers just say: It is much fun to work with it! To what extent is the Open Source way part of your company culture?
DE-CIX’s mission is to ensure that the Internet runs securely and smoothly. To do so, we stand for values like openness, transparency, and the commitment to serve the Internet community. The principle of an open exchange of ideas is reflected in the Internet Exchange Points we manage: for the open exchange of data. That’s what the DE-CIX public peering platform is meant for. We serve the Internet community and we are convinced: Together, we can do more. ….and that is it for ‘This Week in TYPO3’. Next week some stuff on the Theming effort by Kay Strobach and Joey Hasenau and about Joey's Grid elements. Remember the TYPO3 community would really like to hear about what you are up to, what you find remarkable and who is your TYPO3 hero. Let us know.