This Week in TYPO3 (2016, week 9)

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This Week: International TYPO3camps Venlo and Vienna coming up, Extbase & Fluid Second edition in English. Entering the final stage of the TYPO3 Inc. and kicking of version 8.
Week ending March 6, 2016

International TYPO3camps

Traditionally the TYPO3 community organises TYPO3camps in Germany quite a lot. The main language carried in these camps is German. Since a few years international TYPO3camps are on the rise. TYPO3camp Mallorca is known as a very enjoyable event in warm Mallorca and the Eastern European TYPO3camp, T3EE, in Cluj, Romania is a very diverse and friendly event with attendants from all over Europe, like written about by Stefan Rotsch. For the T3Rookies initiative the organisation of both camps have made three free tickets (per event) available for young people in the age from 16–25 years interested in TYPO3. Send an email to <link> if you think you are eligible for a free ticket.

Dutch Codesprint before TYPO3camp Venlo

Anja Leichsenring, from the TYPO3 core team, lets us know YOU can have a great week in the Netherlands with a codesprint from April 18–21 followed by the TYPO3camp Venlo on April 22 and 23. After the successful first Dutch TYPO3 bootup day, <link http:>MaxServ keeps supporting TYPO3 development and the TYPO3 community by hosting a code sprint at their offices in Waalwijk. The TYPO3 community and especially the Dutch community are warmly invited to join the code sprint. The sprint is combined with the TYPO3camp Venlo, which will take place right after the sprint. If you register for the sprint, the camp is included thus free of charge. Registration is open, please join us for this unique Dutch code sprint and spread the word. MaxServ has 30 seats to offer, let's make sure to fill them. Code sprint topics ‘include introduction to core work’ (so new and yet inexperienced contributors are more than welcome) and ‘casual ticket / patches pushing’. Please register here to attend the code sprint: <link https: development sprints april2>

TYPO3camp Venlo (Netherlands, April 21–23)

TYPO3camp Venlo is going into its fourth incarnation and draws a lot of attendants from Germany as it is conveniently situated at the German border.

Fontys Venlo hosts TYPO3camp Venlo

TYPO3camp Venlo features two keynote speakers on the first day, friday. One about big data and one about mobile from some very interesting speakers. Han Stoffels will talk about big data, smart machines and the changes it will cause in HR (human resources) and the job market. Han states that: “it is a blessing that smart machines and automation will take away half of the current jobs, as most people are not happy with their job anyway”! Han Stoffels is the founder of 8vance Matching Technologies BV, a Netherlands-based start-up. 8vance is a data driven matching technology company that utilises extensive profiles, big data, and sophisticated matching algorithms to build solutions for and disrupt some large marketplaces.
Micro-Moments: Winning the Shift to Mobile Google Germany will provide a speaker on Micro-Moments, which are the new battleground for brands. Mobile has changed the way we live, and what we expect of brands. It’s fractured the consumer journey into hundreds of real-time, intent-driven micro-moments. The presentation shares insights on the next step in mobile. The coming General Assembly of the TYPO3 Association on April 6 in Essen will be about the final stage of the TYPO3 Inc. preparation. Alain Veuve, secretary of the board of the TYPO3 Association, will reveal what is up next in the road to a TYPO3 company. The TYPO3 core team has officially started the next development cycle, TYPO3 version 8. The main development is aimed at making the lives of TYPO3 users easier. There are some fancy features for editing content coming up. TYPO3 will get more robust and flexible under the hood and the code base will be cleaned up more and more. Mathias Schreiber, product owner of TYPO3, will talk about the future of TYPO3 v. 8. Of course there will be many more sessions and most of them will be determined on the event itself as is quite common with a barcamp. The full schedule of TYPO3camp Venlo can be found here: <link http: en schedule> <link https: web-camp-venlo-2016>

TYPO3camp Vienna (Austria, May 6–8)

Vienna is a top-notch location, for an international TYPO3camp, as it is a bridgehead to central and eastern Europe. It has been a melting pot since the days of the monarchy, and it is full of people who understand the surrounding countries. The first international TYPO3camp in Austria will take place from May 6- 8 at the University of Vienna. Participants will get 2,5 days worth of networking, learning, socialising, and connecting. Like all barcamps the TYPO3camp Vienna will be organized by its visitors. Everybody can present himself as a freelancer or company. Get more infos and tickets at <link http:> More than half of the tickets are sold already, so get yours while they are still available.

Entering the final stage of the TYPO3 Inc. and kicking of version 8.

There is a lot of energy in the TYPO3 eco-system on both the ‘official’ TYPO3 Association side as the community side. The marketing team organised two rounds of TYPO3 Agency Meetups across Europe in 2014 and 2015, where members from the marketing team, the core team and the TYPO3 Association engaged with project managers, marketing managers, business owners, and sales managers from TYPO3 companies. One of the outcomes that was officially confirmed at the General Assembly 2015 is the drive towards organising the TYPO3 Association as a company providing all key services to the TYPO3 community. Alain Veuve leads this effort as change agent. The <link https: news article entering-the-final-stage-of-the-typo3-inc-preparation-we-need-you>final stage for this preparation has now started. A working group consisting of TYPO3 community members had countless meetings to come to this final stage. Alain Veuve will present the key findings of the preparation and the fundamentals of the business plan in a <link https: register>webinar on March 23. On April 6 at the <link https: news article general-assembly-2016>General Assembly of the TYPO3 Association, in Essen, the members will be asked to give their go-ahead by voting. In this month <link https: news article kicking-off-typo3-v8-development>development of TYPO3 V8 also kicked of. The TYPO3 core team has officially started the next development cycle. The next Long Term support release, TYPO3 8 LTS, is expected on April 4, 2017. Marcus Schwemer did an interview with core team leaders Benni Mack and Mathias Schreiber, which gives a good insight in the road ahead. …we’re not just miles ahead from where we’re now?—?we’re gonna be up in the clouds, but far further in what people expect from TYPO3 now, may it be for DevOps, Administrators, Integrators or Editors.
~Benni Mack
The core team concentrates on two areas for the coming LTS release:
  • Making life easier for editors
  • Making TYPO3 ready, out of the box, for cloud hosters
The first practical steps are already taken, Anja Leichsenring writes, in a ‘<link news article report-on-codesprint-karlsruhe-33-6316>Report on codesprint Karlsruhe’’ from March 3–6 at Flagbit, paving the path for the first release of TYPO3 v8. The focus of this sprint was to improve the backend layout towards a more consistent and intuitive look and feel. Naturally, when passionate people gather, a lot of discussion arises. This sprint was no exception. Some highly technical and architectural decision have been tackled and decided upon. It is a pleasure on its own to watch our lead architects taking over the whiteboard and engage in heated discussion.
~Anja Leichsenring

TYPO3 Extbase Book: 2nd Edition Published

Many parts of the TYPO3 core utilise the Extbase framework and the Fluid templating engine today and it comes as no surprise that Extbase became an integral part of TYPO3 CMS. Not only the core is based on Extbase: more and more TYPO3 extensions use Extbase and Fluid, which is the fastest and most efficient method for developing high-quality extensions for TYPO3 CMS. The TYPO3 Extbase Book provides all extension developers need to know to get up and running with Extbase and Fluid in an easy-to-follow format with real-world examples. Patrick Lobacher and Michael Schams updated their book for TYPO3 CMS 7 LTS and announced, that the 2nd edition is now available as an eBook. The book was written to help TYPO3 developers produce clean code in modern standards, backed by contemporary programming principles. From the basics of object-orientated programming in PHP to the principles of Domain Driven Design and the MVC concept (Model-View-Controller), the authors explain theoretical foundations as well as practical solutions. After working through this book, extension developers have all knowledge on hand to master TYPO3 projects of all sizes and complexities in Extbase and Fluid. Read more at <link http:> By changing the publisher and using Leanpub now, readers who buy the book receive another bonus: when you buy a Leanpub book, you will get all future updates to the book for free. Updates may include simple improvements like typo fixes, or entirely new chapters. As a result, you will always be up to date whenever Patrick and Michael publish a new revision of the TYPO3 Extbase Book in the future. It is quite clear that there is no excuse left, not to learn Extbase and Fluid now! Get the updated version of the book, work through it and share your TYPO3 extensions by publishing them in the TYPO3 Extension Repository (TER). This Week in TYPO3 is brought to you by MaxServ. Originally published on Medium:
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