The TYPO3 font, Share, now freely downloadable

Categories: Community Created by Rasmus Skjoldan
The TYPO3 online style guide has now been initiated on Included is the free package of Share - the new TYPO3 corporate font. The online style guide will progressively be updated with new elements as they are being designed.
The design team has now expanded the rules of TYPO3 CI usage beyond the logo guide. In the new online style guide more guidelines have been set to ease implementations of the TYPO3 corporate identity. A larger PDF file aimed primarily for graphic designers is also close to completion. All rules and guidelines in the PDF version will also be present in the online style guide. In addition the online style guide will continiously expand to include even more guidelines, help, templates and other materials to make it easy to achieve the unique TYPO3 style in every application of the brand's identity program. The design team hopes that everyone will study and embrace this work and help out building a strong unified visual identity for TYPO3. Please remember that the rules are intended to help more than to control the implementation of the new logo, font, colors and general style. The better the rules and guidelines are followed the more freedom you will get to focus on content without having to worry about visual identity. The Share font Share is now ready for download. The suitcase contains the free basic package of Share. Please remember that it is published under the Creative Commons License. The font makes it much simpler for everyone to design TYPO3 related materials and get the style & feel right. Once again thanks to the immense amount of work by Ralph du Carrois from the design team in making the font.