The TYPO3 Community is ready for the Agency Meetup Day in Frankfurt.

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On July 2nd 2014, the TYPO3 Marketing Team will meet the TYPO3 Agencies of the Frankfurt area for an interesting day together.
The event is a combined initiative of the <link http: teams marketing _blank to typo3 team>TYPO3 Marketing Team and of the Board of the TYPO3 Association. The Agency Meetup Day has on one hand the aim of collecting feature and product improvements ideas from TYPO3 Agencies, and on the other hand it has the aim of gathering feedbacks on the work of the Association. This is a free of charge event. If you wish to join us at the Agency Meetup Day in Frankfurt please contact Naike (naike.beggiato(at) and express your interest! The registration deadline is set for June 25th. However, we have a limited number of places available and we suggest you to enrol as soon as possible.  You can find the <media 2446 _blank - "Open Enrolment Form">enrolment form</media> here, as well as the <media 2445 _blank - "Open full description Agency Meetup Day">full description</media> of the Agency Meetup Day and of its goals. For more information please contact <link http: executive-secretary ref assoc _blank to executive secretary>Naike. We are looking forward to meeting you in Frankfurt!