TER2: Another bug fixed

Categories: Community Created by Robert Lemke
Hi folks, after many hours of work, I just uploaded new versions of the TER2 extensions which contain little improvements behind the scenes and an important bugfix. Here's an update of the ToDo mentioned in an earlier news item:
  • links to manuals from the extension lists didn't work (caching problem in relation with realurl). The reason for the wrong links was a mixture between randomly non-cached output in combination with missing cHashes. The main problem was reproducing the bug because it appeared randomly and only on the live installation of TYPO3.org.
  • redirect old-style links to extensions and manuals, so google etc. link to existing pages. Technically this has been solved since the first version of the TER2. The problem still is that the links only work when the main documentation page is not cached. I'll track that down next week.
  • some manuals are not rendered due to an invalid structure in the Open Office Write XML. One example is the HTMLarea manual - for some reason unpacking that manual fails. I didn't investigate that further yet but if someone finds out what the difference between the rendered and non-rendered manuals is, that would help a lot. You can easily distinguish the extensions without manual and with a non-rendred manual: If an error occurred at parse time, the "Not available" is bold
  • download links / other formats are not visible yet for documentation. That's solved
By the way: Debugging and working for me is a bit difficult these days because I recently moved to Berlin and don't have my own internet connection yet ... Have a nice weekend, Robert