Team leader meeting October 2017

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At the 19th of October we had our regular team leader meeting.

Reports of the teams:

1. relaunch current status

The team had a sprint in Stuttgart last weekend. This were the results:

Finalized (User registration, LDAP connection), testing starts now

Worked at content

Fine tuning at layout

A next sprint is upcomming in Essen (Nov 2017) right before / next to the RheinRuhr Camp

2. Status Design Team

Member Badges

We reworked the Member Badges to make it possible having additional Member Information as requested by the EAB.

Styleguide rework

We reworked the styleduide to the second iteration. According with Benjamin Kott. Most Important maybe we added some more colores allowed to use as decoration colors.Everything to see on

Team member badges

As requested from different kinds of Teams and Community Member (for various kinds of reasons.) Here are our proposals:

The Team reccomends variante 4.

3. Status Marketing Team

The AMD have taken place (except for Bologna in reason of to less paticipants). The results of the meetings were very good and will be published by the team separatly.

An official representitive of the T3A should take part at the next marketing sprint. Stefan will put this to the next Board Board meeting.

4. Next meeting

The next meeting will take place at 16th November 2017.