T3O: typo3.org Relaunch Week

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The main TYPO3 website typo3.org needs a new lay-out, a new structure and new functionality. The "typo3.org Relaunch Week" (T3O) will take place from April 16-23 in the Linuxhotel, Essen, Germany and is aimed at just that. 20 experts will work on the project in that week and we need you to participate to complete this huge task we have ahead of us. If you have what it takes you are encouraged to apply. The same goes for sponsors. If TYPO3 has brought you fame and fortune then sponsor T3O. T3O is organized by the Marketing Team of the TYPO3 Association.

The relaunch of typo3.org has occupied the community for a longer time already. This time the task needs to be accomplished. T3O is modelled after the succesful TYPO3 User Experience Week T3UXW09. Within this week T3O design, structure and functionality of the new typo3.org should be implemented and delivered.

Project Trinity should unite the websites typo3.org, typo3.com and association.typo3.org in it's first phase. All that in a brand new, fresh and contemporary design. To be able to achieve all this in one week the TYPO3 Marketing Team has already done some groundwork. What is already done:

  • The new structure of typo3.org
  • The new design of the homepage
  • The new design for landingpages and subpages
  • The design for dozens of layout elements
  • The HTML markup that accompanies these elements
  • An empty and prepared TYPO3 installation

In the relaunch week the difficult (and interesting) parts of the project will be tackled. Think for instance "Extension Repository" as one of these complex functionalities, writing interesting content and making everything look good.

Apply for T3O!

Project Trinity need programmers, designers, content-editors and managers! A jury will chose 20 participants from the candidates. Ideally the employer sponsors the attendee for this event that is so important for the future of TYPO3. If you cannot come yourself you can always sponsor participation of another person or person(s). Further information for supporters is available on the website.

The TYPO3 Association guarantees the funding for this project.

This is the way typo3.org will look like. The basic design is already done. Other groundwork concerning the relaunch has already been done as well. For the participants of T3O it will be all about creating the new website in this week. 

Links to T3O

  • Official Website for T3O with all information
  • Agenda for the typo3.org Relaunch Week
  • Preview of the new typo3.org design
  • Timeline and possible tasks for T3O
  • Apply as T3O participant
  • Support T3O as a sponsor
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