t3n magazine releases six current TYPO3-Articles in English (October 2009)

Categories: Community Created by Michael Stucki
Since four years yeebase media is publishing the TYPO3 Magazine "t3n". Now they have again released several articles from two of their last issues, covering topics like Extbase, Fluid or Security.
The articles from t3n Nr. 15 and Nr. 16 are available as pdf documents and free to download. Articles from the current t3n-issue 17 (<link http: t3n.de magazin ausgaben>) will be published soon. The complete list of new TYPO3 articles by t3n:
  1. Localization Made Easy: Cisco WebEx Relies on TYPO3 for global Internet Relaunch
  2. The Future of Extension Development: New MVC framework “Extbase” paves the way from 4.x to FLOW3
  3. Fluid: Templating Made Easy - New Template Engine for FLOW3 and TYPO3 4.x
  4. Leakproof: Security Checklist for TYPO3 Installations
  5. Fast, faster, the fastest...: TYPO3 Performance for everybody
  6. Above the Clouds: TYPO3 Extensions for Tagclouds in Comparison
[via Jan Christe]