T3DUST and T3UXW join forces

Categories: Development, Community Created by Joey Hasenau
The two usability events for 2014 will be combined into one User eXperience Week from September 20th to 27th. Join T3UXW14 to improve user experience of the TYPO3 products.
For 2014 two TYPO3 events regarding user experience and design of TYPO3 CMS and its packages are planned. One should as a follow up for the successful User eXperience Week, T3UXW09, and the other one is a new event with a slightly different scope, namely T3DUST, both events are supported by a budget of the TYPO3 Association. T3UXW14 was planned for February, T3DUST for September. Originally T3DUST was also meant to finalise what initially was to be started in the beginning of this year. Due to organisational issues T3UXW14 did not take place. As there is not too much room in 2014 to allow for two events it was decided to merge the two events into one, also making use of the event budgets that are of course available for 2014 only. Merging the two events into one user experience week allows us to join forces and focus on important topics which have been on top of the TYPO3 CMS agenda for quite some time now. The result is that T3UXW14 is going to happen from September 20th to 27th in <link http: www.bsw24.de>Festenburg, Upper Harz, Germany as a replacement of the originally planned T3DUST.
Wald- und Sporthotel Festenburg So the date, organisation, location and team structure will basically stay the same. Just the name will be changed to underline the fact that this is the follow up to the TYPO3 User eXperience Week of 2009. The accompanying website and event notifications are updated as well. T3UXW14 will deal with topics related to distributions and themes, but usability topics will become more important now. This is why the organisation of T3UXW14 is attending the TYPO3camp in Munich and the following TYPO3 CMS Active Contributor Meeting (ACME) to get in contact with TYPO3 CMS users, integrators and the core team and discuss usability issues. Additionally we are collecting input from the agency meetup days, so we can consider requests made by TYPO3 CMS providers as well. Last but not least we are going to involve people from the Neos team, to make sure that there is a common vision for the user experience of the TYPO3 product family. We invite you to attend this important event and to support us making the user experience of the TYPO3 products even better than it already is. This is a chance for you to participate even if you are not a coder. We have got 30 places to form 5 teams and we are especially asking for people with a non coding background. Still we will need coders to implement the stuff we are going to create, but designers, especially with experience in interface design, copy writers for the distribution packages and people with daily experience in editorial teams are as important for a successful event. So don't hesitate to apply, go to<link http: www.t3uxw.org> www.t3uxw.org and fill out the form.